If you haven’t been on the Centennial Trail, then this is your weekend to get out there! Weather forecasts show for sunshine and warm temps all weekend. I like to start the trail at Kendall Yards and do a loop headed east to the Monroe Bridge, pass division, pass Gonzaga, and turn by the River Point Campus, back through Riverfront Park, ending at Kendall Yards for brunch at Yards Bruncheon! You can walk, run, ride your bike, anything really. The trail follows the Spokane River and leads all the way to Coeur D’Alene. It follows a nicely paved road full of friendly people and beautiful scenery. And, for all of you fitbit fanatics… This loop is a solid 10,000 steps.





French toast bun with maple syrup on a burger… why didn’t I think of that?! This is a hamburger lovers breakfast DREAM. Needless to say, Dan was in heaven. Their pancakes were thin and the edges were crispy. They almost tasted a little caramelized and they were SO good without leaving you overly full. Sometimes you really just want a simple pancake breakfast and this was just that. I’d recommend these pancakes to anyone. Now, on to my personal favorite… The Irish Eggs Benedict with their special pastrami. Let me tell you… it was very special. Perfectly seasoned and a great addition to spice up an eggs bene. I was practically licking this bowl clean. Their hollandaise is fantastic; light, soft, and sour. Full on yolk porn with this egg oozage.




Yards Bruncheon (1248 W Summit Pkwy. Spokane, WA // 509.290.5952)