Spokane’s best kept secret: Milford’s Fish House. I purposely left out some of my very VERY favorites from my “best restaurants” list because they hold such a special place in my heart. I didn’t feel it did them justice to add them to a list. They deserve their own post.

Milford’s Fish House is one of those places.


We come here to celebrate Valentines Day every year. It has such a romantic vibe with the dim lighting, quiet ambiance and divine foods. The owner comes around and greets each table and he genuinly seems happy to be there, doing what he loves. They get their seafood fresh and their menu is always changing to reflect what is most fresh, delicious, and in season.

“We’re old fashioned….you buy an entree here and you get soup or salad” included. My husbands favorite entree is the “‘seafood saute’ Lisa- with the works”. This is not on the menu anymore, but they always make it happen for us. Last time, the owner told us the reason the “Lisa” tastes so good is because it has almost an entire stick of butter in it… is butter a carb? YOLO. (that didn’t change his opinion at all, that’s how good it is.)

I usually go with one of their salmon options or the scallops. This time, I ordered the fresh Columbia River steelhead stuffed with crab & brie. Do you see that brie oozing out of the bottom of my fish?? It was stuffed FULL of crab, which was the perfect flavor/texture contrast for this steelhead.




Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 10.16.31 AM


We finished it off with some Creme Brûlée and the crunch of that first bite is replaying in my mind over… and over. My husband said he “didn’t want any”, as he “doesn’t like creme brûlée”. I asked him to try a bite and BAM. He ate most of it.

Because.. what better way to show your love for someone than by sharing your food? Especially when it’s Milford’s. Happy Valentines Day y’all! Hope you felt loved.

Check out my instagram @spokaneeats to see a quick snapshot video of our night.

Thanks for a fantastic evening, Milford’s. We can’t wait to come back!


Tue-Sat 5-9
Sun 4-8

719 N Monroe St

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