When your friend, Serena (Farm Chicks), suggests a morning spent tasting all the fresh Pumpkin donuts at Green Bluff… that’s when you realize you are surrounding yourself with the right kind of people.

We came. We saw. We ate donuts, visited the Harvest Fest, ate more donuts, shopped the little markets, ate more donuts, took lots of pictures, ate more donuts, grabbed some pumpkins for carving, ate more donuts… and by the time we practically had to be rolled out of there in a wheelbarrow, we ranked the donuts and now we will share the results!

Walters 5/10
Hidden Acres 8/10
High Country 9/10
Sunset Orchard 9/10
Harvest House 10/10

With that said, each farm is so unique and has something wonderful to offer so we recommend visiting each and every one (wear your mask so they can stay open). There are plenty more but these are the ones that sell pumpkin donuts currently!

Siemers & Wellens usually sell donuts but they aren’t this year due to Covid. You can also sometimes find gluten free donuts at Big Barn Brewing but we didn’t see them today! Enjoy!

Thanks for dragging me along on this treacherous journey, Serena! My job is sure hard some days, but someone has to do it 😉