Last week I was stuck in the Valley during the lunch hour and went to instagram for suggestions on where to eat. I’ve been known to frequent Smacky’s on Broadway, Cafe Rio, and De Leon’s but I wanted to try something different, specifically something LOCAL!

The instagrammers came to the rescue with all these wonderful suggestions, and I had some requests to publish a list so we all have something to refer to next time you’re hungry in the valley. Or, let’s be honest, just next time you’re in the valley. #AlwaysHungryGood Places to Eat in Spokane Valley

TT’s Old Iron Brewery

Liberty Lake Juice Company

Thai Kitchen

Boomers (Awesome burgers)

Charlie P’s (For seafood chowder on Friday)

Toro Sushi (Amazing lunch bowls)

Mangrove Cafe (Some say it’s the best Thai in Spokane)

Shamus Sandwich Shop

Choo Choos Tortas

Brother’s Office

Craft & Gather (not open for lunch but great dinner option)

Chan Bistro

Ambrosia Bistro & Wine Bar

Top of India (They have a pretty good lunch buffet)

La Michoacana (Especially good when it’s Taco Tuesday)

Good Places to Eat in Spokane Valley

Share your Spokane Valley favorites in the comments!