On the last weekend of June, twenty-seven thousand players and their friends and family will pack the streets of downtown Spokane for the world’s largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament. For hoopfest players, this tournament offers a series of contests including dunking, free throw shooting, and the three point contest.

Aside from the on-court action, spectators can enjoy perusing the various vendors and attractions in Riverfront Park. Hoopfest is a hub for competition, fun, and of course, food!

This year, Hoopfest reps are proud to announce some new additions. Connor Walsh, the Hoopfest Project and Events Manager boasted, “We are excited to be able to offer our Hoopfesters a wide variety of foods from local and regional vendors. In addition to the vendors that have been Hoopfest staples for years, we look forward to bringing on 15 new food vendors with crepes, cotton candy, seafood tacos and more!”.

There are a total of 45 participating food vendors in 5 different areas around downtown Spokane split up between the Howard Street Bridge, Clock Tower Meadow, Arena Parking Lot, Washington Bridge, and Locust Lawn.

What we tried:

D’lish – Double Cheeseburger, hand cut fries and extra fry sauce of course.

Tacos Camargo – recommend the crispy tacos.

Ben & Jerrys – there’s no wrong order here. they have dairy free options as well.

Crepe Sisters- Lemon Curd and/or Nutella for sweet, they also have a ton of savory options if you want some protein.

Mixed Plate- Island Chicken Bowl and Beef Bulgogi Tacos.

You can be sure to find a tasty treat or replenishing meal with over forty vendors in the area, but in order to survive the heat and navigate through a sea of people, you’ll need a guide. Here’s your ultimate list of the food vendors you won’t want to miss at Hoopfest.