At Veraci Pizza in Kendall Yards, they fire their gourmet pizzas with apple wood from Yakima Valley in screaming oven temperatures around 1000 degrees. Pick up a large slice if you are in a hurry or dine in and share a pizza, salad, and wine. Treat yourself to their caramel brownie sundae, it is a special night out after all!

While they technically don’t have a “kid’s menu”, what kid doesn’t like pizza? If you’re sitting there saying “mine”. I’m sorry. If they don’t like pizza, I guarantee they will like the dessert. It’s a Caramel Brownie Sundae with Ice Cream from Brain Freeze (located right across the street). Unless they don’t like pecans, in which case, you will eat the brownie and they will eat the ice cream because I refuse to believe that there is a child on earth that doesn’t like ice cream.

Veraci Pizza Spokane

Veraci Pizza Spokane

Not only does Veraci serve their thin-crust, mouth watering pizza at their store in Kendall Yards, they also offer various Catering options so you book them for your next special event.  Veraci Pizza is the answer. They don’t just deliver their pizza, they bring their entire mobile wood-fired oven and make the pizza fresh on site! My sister had pizza catered at her wedding and I promise this will “wow” all of your guests!

With locations all around the Pacific Northwest’s (Portland, Bend, Seattle & Coeur d’Alene) Veraci is a local favorite. If you’re not in the mood for a full meal, many people love to grab a tap beers and sit on their beautiful a patio that looks out to the Spokane River and Centennial Trail.

Veraci Pizza Spokane

Veraci Pizza (1333 W Summit Pkwy, Spokane, WA // 509.389.0029)