Modern American tapas-style restaurant and whiskey bar.

CUISINE: American

Spokane | Downtown

1242 W. Summit Pkwy.

Sunday-Thursday 4pm-10pm | Friday-Saturday 11:30am – 11pm



The big difference we have noticed between a restaurant week meal that is priced at $19 to $29 is the amount of food you receive. The quality of food seems to be similar, menu items similar, but with the $29 meal, you are paying for more food. With that said, The Wandering Table makes your 3-course meal feel like 6 courses! They start off by giving each diner one of their famous Wandering Table Deviled Eggs. Oh my WOW. I have to say, we tried a similar deviled egg from their neighbor, Yards, and were not impressed. So, when this egg was placed in front of me I wasn’t super excited. However, The Wandering Table does this recipe so so right! The egg is nice and cold, the cream has a sweet maple flavor, with candied bacon and crunchiness on top! A first impression is a lasting impression and they know what they are doing when they start your meal off with one of these golden eggs.

After your deviled egg, you got to choose between a soup or salad. We wanted to try both so I got the salad and Dan ordered the soup. The salad was a nice dark green lettuce with fresh apple slices instead of your typical romaine, ranch and crouton you expect with a side salad. This salad was refreshing and a great precurser to my real appetizer. The soup was the real MVP. It was Pozole Rojo soup which is a Spanish soup so you get that nice spicy, chili flavor. This soup is typically loaded with a variety of components like pork shoulder, onions, and corn. I could not stop talking about how good this soup was. Their soup changes but hopefully they will keep this one around for the entirety of restaurant week. Y’all need to try it!

Now that we have already had two dishes, the brought us our first course :). I ordered the smoked braised wing and this was my favorite part of the entire meal. It was loaded with meat and served in a smoky jalapeno sauce with a buttermilk dipping sauce. I was licking my fingers (and the plate clean). We also tried the Albacore Tuna Ceviche which was very fresh and simple. However, we both decided that the ceviche at Zona Blanca still trumps.

First Course

Smoked Braised Wing | Smoked jalapeño sauce and buttermilk sauce and your choice of Wandering Table Deviled Eggs, soup or salad. |GF

Albacore Tuna Ceviche | Chili mayo, jalapeño, green apple ice and your choice of Wandering Table Deviled Eggs, soup or salad. |GF


For the Second Course, you get to choose a side of either Popcorn Cauliflower or Fried Brussels Sprouts. We tried both, of course, and those are brought out as their own dish before your entree. Lately I have had such a love for Brussels sprouts and these were not cooked perfectly. Fried so they were crispy but they didn’t loose their flavor. The Popcorn Cauliflower was such a fun and unique dish with a good kick. I was wishing I would have held on to my buttermilk sauce from the chicken wing to dip these suckers. They were sprinkled with blue cheese and when we return, I’ll definitely be ordering a huge plate of these.

For the main course, I ordered the Crispy Washington Steelhead with ginger glaze on top of white rice. This was a good piece of fish and a good sized dish with an asian flavor. We also tried the Barbacoa Jackfruit Empanada. This was very small, but it worked because we were feeling full before the entrees were even delivered. The Empanada was spicy and sweet.

Crispy Washington Steelhead | Ginger-glaze, nori rice cake, soy syrup, chili mayo and your choice of Popcorn Cauliflower or Fried Brussels Sprouts. |GF

Barbacoa Jackfruit Empanadas  | Spicy verde sauce, queso


We were very excited for this third Course. We tried the Doughnut Gelato Cup and Preserved Raspberry-Champagne Sorbetto. The fresh gelato was top notch and the donut was fresh and soft. I could’ve done without the caramel sauce because when combined with the gelato it was rock solid then just stuck to the spoon so you couldn’t enjoy it. No one likes a tease… But, I could tell the caramel tasted great from the donut/caramel combo. The Raspberry Sorbetto was tart and flavorful. My advice, make sure you eat with someone who doesn’t mind sharing because you should try both of these desserts!

Doughnut Gelato Cup | Pumpkin doughnut, gelato, caramel sauce |V

Preserved Raspberry-Champagne Sorbetto |  |GF |V


This is more than just a meal. At the Wandering Table, they make your meal and experience by bringing out dish by dish so you can fully enjoy and savor each, one at a time.

Other Restaurant Week Menu Options:

First Course: Halloumi Cheese | Pickled pear, lemon zest, walnuts, brown butter plus your choice of Wandering Table Deviled Eggs, soup or salad. |V

Second Course: Spaghetti Stuffed Meatballs | Slow cooked tomato sauce and garlic confit plus your choice of Popcorn Cauliflower or Fried Brussels Sprouts.

Third Course: Warm Chocolate Brownie | Toasted milk sorbet |V

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Keep eating, Spokane!

The Wandering Table (1242 W. Summit Pkwy. Kendall Yards. Spokane // 509.443.4410)