Yards Bruncheon is the perfect weekend brunch. It starts with their perfect location, right along the Centennial Trail, then you walk in and see their bright blue decor, then you try their kick-A dishes and BOOM… you’re a fan for life. I recommend Yards to anyone looking for a great brunch with a fun ambiance. Located in Kendall Yards, Yards serves up Brunch 7 days a week. From your breakfast favorites like eggs Benedict, pancakes and waffles to some more non-traditional dishes like breakfast fajitas and poutine, you’re sure to find a new breakfast favorite at Yards. If you are going on a weekend, be prepared to wait but they sell fresh pastries and local coffee until a table clears up!

We started with a couple of their infamous appetizers. Deviled Eggs: Hard boiled eggs filled with bacon maple filling. These eggs had a lot of funky flavors going on. It was buttery and creamy in first bite, then you taste the sweetness from the maple syrup, followed by an extra smokey kick that lingers. It almost tasted like they used liquid smoke. Next time, I would pass on the Deviled Eggs and grab them next door at The Wandering Table!

You can’t go wrong with Avocado Toast, and at Yards they do it just right, no fluff. Avocado Toast: Thick grain bread, fresh sliced avocado, and sea salt. 3 ingredients. This dish proves that when you use fresh, quality ingredients you don’t need to add all the extras. This toast is so pure and simple. They get their bread from a bakery that sells through Rosauers Supermarkets called La Brea.


For entrees we went with the Chicken & Waffles and a traditional omelet with Ham & Cheese. I freaking love their potatoes. They are nice and crispy and fried thin and I would order an omelet again just as an excuse to get a plate full of those potatoes! The Ham & Cheese omelet came sprinkled with small chunks of ham and layered with swiss, cheddar, and goat cheese.

The Chicken & Waffles is one of my favorites here! It is perfect for indecisive ordered like me who can’t decide between sweet and savory. With this dish, you get the best of both worlds! The waffles are thick and soft, while the chicken is fried, boneless and crispy. Recipe for successful bite: Spread butter on waffle, put fat chunk of fried chicken on top, then dunk in maple syrup. Match made in heaven, I tell ya. This dish comes served with slaw and extra spicy jalapeños 0n the side. If you’re feeling skeptical, just give it a try, you won’t regret it.


Some other menu favorites include: Wild Huckleberry Pancakes, Dutch Baby, BLToad in the Hole, and my personal favorite: The Irish Benedict.

If you walk down the block from Yards, you are on the Centennial Trail and you have a gorgeous view of the Monroe Street bridge and the downtown shopping center. Yards is my go-to spot to take friends and family when they are in town and it always impresses.

Keep eating, Spokane. And, don’t forget to tell them we sent you!


Yards Bruncheon (1248 W Summit Pkwy. Spokane, WA // 509.290.5952)

For more on Yards Bruncheon, see my blog post from March 2016.

Spokaneeats- Yards Bruncheon- March 2016