Every time the seasons change, my skin freaks out. It doesn’t help that it’s pretty dry here in Spokane and sometimes between fall and winter my skin starts to flake and peel because it’s starving for moisture.

To combat this, I usually lather up the moisturizer, sleep next to a humidifier, exfoliate, and do pretty much anything else I can think of. But, without fail, I peel and end up breaking out with the change of each season.

Day Spa SpokaneDay Spa SpokaneDay Spa Spokane

This year, I decided to step it up a notch and go big with a HydraFacial at Luxe Salon and Spa! Now, I have had HydraFacial before but the experience I had at Luxe Salon and Spa was like nothing else. It’s exactly as it states… Luxe.

Not only do they use their innovative, brand new HydraFacial machine (that’s worth more than my car) but they also help you feel relaxed, massage your face and neck, apply some of their amazing products, and give you the whole facial experience.

Day Spa Spokane

If you haven’t heard about a HydraFacial before, it’s essentially a facial, microdermabrasion, and a chemical peel all in one! Talk about a trifecta! Using their high-tech machine, they suck blackheads, dry skin, extract pimples, and leave your face feeling baby soft and ultra hydrated.

It’s kind of like a hydra dermabrasian utilizing serums and acids for each step during the facial process for active exfoliation while infusing the skin with vitamins, deep into your pores.

Day Spa Spokane

While they’re utilizing acids, the machine is also exfoliating so you don’t get the peeling or shedding and there is zero downtime! The HydraFacial is completely painless and I actually find it really relaxing.

At the end, they will even show you all the muck they’ve pulled out of your skin. Be warned, it’s pretty nasty but I find it oddly satisfying. I’ve even heard that depending on the color of the fluid (yellow or grey tinted) they can tell a lot about your lifestyle.

Day Spa Spokane Day Spa Spokane Day Spa Spokane


How can I learn more?

Luxe Salon and Spa is hosting a special HydraFacial event on Thursday, October 25th at 5:00. You can see live demonstrations of the HydraFacial as well as enjoy champagne, snacks, and giveaways! It’s free for all to attend and they’d love for you to have a chance to see their space, on the north side, and learn about the many services they offer.

How much does it cost?

$199 is the standard cost, but Luxe is offering some special deals if you book at their event or in the month of October.

How often can I get one?

Once per month is typically the max recommendation since your skin cells turn over every 28 days.

Day Spa Spokane Day Spa SpokaneDay Spa SpokaneDay Spa Spokane

This post was created in partnership with Luxe Salon & Spa.
Luxe Salon & Spa (314 W Francis Ave / 509.474.9576)