The Garnet Cafe is the true farm-to-table breakfast experience.

“The owners of The Garnet Cafe also operate McLane Farms, located just a few miles away in Cougar Gulch. McLane Farms provides The Garnet Café with pastured Berkshire Pork, grass fed Lamb and Beef as well as truly free range duck and chicken eggs and freshly made Raw Goat Milk Products. In the summer months McLane Farms supplies The Garnet with farm fresh vegetables. We use organic methods to raise livestock with only the best natural, local feed. We don’t use pesticides, hormones or antibiotics in your food. All the animals lead a pampered and care‐free life on the farm.”

When you first walk in to The Garnet Cafe, it looks as if it may be a greasy-spoon type diner. But it’s kind of the opposite. It’s gourmet.



I ordered the Sockey Salmon- Salmon for breakfast?!? This is my dream come true and I love that Garnet makes it socially acceptable. The creamy caper sauce was the perfect flavor. Not too creamy and not too strong. Just right for a breakfast dish. Wild Caught Salmon with creamy caper sauce. Served with 2 eggs (any style), Northwest potatoes and your choice of toast. I subbed the potatoes for roasted veggies. Garnet is really accommodating in that way. The wheat toast was one of my favorite parts. They bring you their homemade lemon curd sauce and jam to go with your toast and, I have to be honest with y’all, I was eating the lemon curd with a spoon. It tasted exactly like a lemon meringue pie! They also have a rosemary toast that everyone was raving about.

Dan got the Sandpoint Omelet- McLane Farms Bacon, sausage and ham, sauteed onions and cheddar. Topped with smoked pork link sausage. 3 eggs served with northwest potatoes and choice of bread.

I had to give the biscuits and gravy a try since I am a southern girl at heart. Even drenched in all of that gravy, the biscuits never got soggy. They stayed flakey and fresh, which is the main thing I look for in a good biscuit and gravy dish.




The Garnet Cafe (315 E Walnut Ave, Coeur d’Alene, ID //208.667.2729)