Thai Bamboo is the gift that keeps on giving. We have tried so many menu items here and we have never been disappointed. Located on division, this lavish building can’t be missed. It’s a huge location with indoor seating, outdoor seating, bar seating, even a private room for events or parties. If you go in for nothing else, just go inside and look at their ceiling. Don’t ask questions. Your kids will be mesmerized for at least a couple of minutes while you try to scarf down some food, uninterrupted. Go up a level in spice because they don’t make food as spicy as your typical Thai. They are quick to seat you, even on a weekend because of how big their space is. And with a menu that goes to number 958, everyone is sure to find something they will love.





We started with the Thai Lettuce Wraps $9.99. Finely chopped chicken sauteed with mild Thai spices, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and crispy rice noodles served with green leaf lettuce. There were four of us and we each had about two lettuce wraps. My only complaint is that the pieces of lettuce were not appropriate for making a wrap. They were really small and thin so you couldn’t really put any of the meat in them and keep them tight enough to take a bite without losing half of the fillings onto your plate. Great flavor, just wish lettuce pieces were bigger so we didn’t end up eating these with forks.

Their pad thai is their most popular dish. Probably because it is a safe bet when eating Thai. They toss them in their signature sauce which is really sweet. It is topped with ground peanuts which add a great crunch. The serving size is huge and sure to fill you up with leftovers. $12.99. Can chose your meat: beef, pork, chicken, tofu or mixed veggies. You can substitute meat for jumbo prawns, seafood combo, duck breast, scallops, or calamari for an additional charge.

I decided to branch out from my usual “yellow curry” and try their trout salad. It comes with a whole fried rainbow trout, topped with fresh mango, green apples, spicy lime dressing, fresh ginger, onions, peanuts, and cilantro on shredded cabbage and carrots for $12.99. They really tried hard with the flavors in this dish and it worked! I loved the fruit, onion, and fish combo and will now be experimenting with a recipe at home. I would have preferred the trout grilled over fried, but hey, when at Thai Bamboo… just do as they do.

My father-in-law ordered their Drunken Noodles… he’s a spice lover, so be warned. The noodles were large and soggy. Which is to be expected with a name like drunken noodles. Mixed with egg, thai basil, bamboo shoots, bell pepper, onion, zucchini, broccoli, spinach, carrot, and cabbage stir friend in a chili sauce. $12.99 – see a trend with their prices đŸ˜‰

Finally, their Mongolian Beef is the perfect dish for a growing teenage boy who loves his meat. It comes with beef, beef and more beef. Served with a side of steamed veggies. Sure to please any meat lover. $13.99 (They must have decided to add a dollar because there is that much meat)

They send you home with Thai Fortune cookies. I wasn’t too pleased with my husbands fortune… see below.