When you go to the gym five times a week, every week, you want to be sure that you go to a gym with variety. That’s one of the many reasons I chose North Park Athletic Club when we moved to Spokane in 2014.

Four years later I still go there around five times per week. Instead of dreading the gym, it’s the highlight of my day!

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You walk into North Park and the friendly front desk staff greets you by name with a smile and always makes sure to say goodbye as you’re leaving. And not in a “I’m forced to be here and have to smile and pretend to be nice” kind of way. It’s genuine.

After the friendly staff and members, what really attracts me to North Park is the cleanliness. I’ve never seen a gym more well-kept and clean. You won’t see nasty dust balls, dirty equipment, or filthy locker rooms. They work hard to keep everything sanitized and spotless and it is SO appreciated.  gyms in spokane wa

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I particularly love the group fitness classes, some of which include Spin, HIIT, Athletic Training, Yoga, and Barre. The members and trainers are some of the nicest, most genuine people I have met in Spokane, and I have made some of the best relationships in my classes.

It’s truly a community at North Park. People care about you and miss you when you’re not at class. They want to know about your life, catch up before and after class, and push you to be your best. gyms in spokane wa gyms in spokane wa   gyms in spokane wa

If I’m not taking one of the group fitness classes, I’m in the cardio room or one of their two weight rooms. They have a large weight room upstairs and a smaller one tucked away on the main floor behind the racquetball courts.

Oh yeah, did I mention they have pristine racquetball, pickleball, and tennis courts? You won’t believe how huge this gym is. They also have a full basketball court, which seems like a great feature until your Athletic Training coach makes you bear crawl the entire length… twice. gyms in spokane wa gyms in spokane wa gyms in spokane wa gyms in spokane wa  North Park is truly unlike any gym I’ve ever been a member of, and I’ve been a member of my fair share of gyms. It is a judgement-free zone. I feel completely comfortable going in the weight room and doing my thing. Everyone is there to get stronger and in better shape and support each other.

I’m not sure what I would do without their sauna in the winter. There are some days I can’t seem to get warm, until I spend 10 minutes detoxing in their sauna. They also have a jacuzzi and both an indoor and outdoor pool. Didn’t I tell you how huge this place is? 🙂

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Now, you might be thinking, this sounds great, but it’s probably super expensive. Well… it’s not. And as an added bonus, North Park has agreed to give all Spokane Eats followers your FIRST MONTH FREE when you sign up for a year membership! (Offer for new members only) Just mention our name when you’re signing up and they’ll make it happen!

North Park Athletic Club (8121 N Division St 99208 / 509.467.5124)

Photos by Jennifer DeBarros Photography.

*This post was created in partnership with North Park Athletic Club.