You’ve seen us eat our way around Spokane, but another one of our hobbies (to keep up with all the said eating) includes exercising! We’ve tried our fair share of workouts around town and narrowed it down to some of our favorites.

We love to change up our workout routine to keep things fun and interesting, s0 here is a list of places you can get a great workout and have fun while doing it.

Spokane Workout

Athletic Training & Group Fitness led by expert trainers – PTA Performance

Spin, Yoga, TRX (You’ll feel like you’re at the club) – The Union

An Athletic Club that’s so versatile it has something for everyone! – North Park Athletic Club

Lively classes that will get your body shaking & working muscles you didn’t know you had – Spokane Barre

An awesome facility and intense workout with great people – Crossfit Duratus

PTA Performance – The Hangar

Sports training, group fitness classes, camps/clinics, physical therapy, and wellness… geared towards the athlete looking to reduce his or her risk of sports-related injuries and improve all components of performance: speed, power, agility, strength, coordination, stability, and flexibility.  They specialize in customized workouts that are fun yet challenging, utilizing various modes of exercise as well as training variables (rest, tempo, and weights/reps/sets).

PTA Performance has a brand new downtown space with a large parking lot (huge perk if you’ve tried to find parking downtown). We love the convenient class times, versatile workouts, and expert trainers that push you to work harder and become stronger. The facility is top notch and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be sore for days after one of these small group training sessions.

Spokane Workout

The Union

The Union is a workout studio that is home for many Spokane natives. They offer three types of classes: Spin, TRX and Yoga (aka the perfect Union). The community this studio fosters are people who love to bond over sweating away their days and working toward their fitness goals. The instructors encourage you to spin your hardest, hold your plank for a little longer and breathe a little deeper. They want to make sure you get the most out of your 45-60 minutes you’ll spend sweating with them. If you want to get a feel for what they do, your first class is free!

Spin – Fun, intense, and unlike anything you’ve done before. The atmosphere of these spin classes will have you wanting to pedal harder, sweat more and bump along to the beats. It seriously feels like you’re at a party celebrating you!

Yoga – Heats, beats, energy and sweat. A new kind of flow. Their yoga classes will leave you feeling zenned and like you just worked your butt off because, well, you do. They offer three types: Yoga, Yoga Hustle and Recovery Yoga. All have amazing perks for your mind and body!

TRX – Strength, flexibility, balance, and core to the max! TRX is an all-body workout that will leave your core sore and shaking. From squats to planks, this class works it all! It really incorporates smaller movements that have big results.

All of their classes are black-lighted (if that’s even a word) – wear something white if you want to glow! The Union wants to make sure you sweat during your workouts so their Yoga and TRX classes are heated to a max. of 90 degrees. They have a studio downtown and on the north side. Extra bonus to their north side studio- it’s in the same building as Method Juice Cafe, so you can grab a post-workout smoothie, juice, or bowl!

North Park Athletic Club

I’ve said it once, and i’ll say it again. North Park Athletic Club is Spokane’s most versatile gym!

I particularly love the group fitness classes, some of which include Spin, HIIT, Athletic Training, Yoga, and Barre. The members and trainers are some of the nicest, most genuine people I have met in Spokane, and I have made some of the best relationships in my classes. I’m currently teaching spin on Wednesday nights at 5:30 and we have an absolute blast!

Spokane Workout Spokane WorkoutSpokane Workout

It’s truly a community at North Park. People care about you and miss you when you’re not at class. They want to know about your life, catch up before and after class, and push you to be your best.

Not to mention that it’s clean, they have an indoor and outdoor pool, tennis courts, basketball court, racquetball courts, pickle ball courts, sauna, hot tub… yeah, it’s huge.

8121 N Division Spokane, WA 99208

Spokane Barre

Their barre workouts are high intensity, low impact blends of strength training with a combination of yoga, pilates, and ballet movements.  Using the principles of barre technique, we work muscle groups to fatigue (the shake!) building great strength and tone with bursts of cardio to ramp up the calorie burn.  The results are strong, lean muscles, an increase in endurance, mood and mind-body connection.

Regardless of dance experience, if you want a challenging, upbeat exercise routine with amazing results, the Spokane Barre workout is for you.

Spokane Workout

The instructors at Spokane Barre are a breath of fresh air! These women are happy, positive, and a little ray of sunshine (on these especially dreary days) as they lead you through a challenging workouts. They will push you and focus on each person individually to ensure proper form and technique. Spokane Barre is located in downtown Spokane (above Globe Restaurant) with free parking for an hour down the street. I love these classes because they work the muscles I didn’t know I had and really help to tone and tighten. Let’s just say, you never regret a workout at Spokane Barre!

204 N Division St #303, Spokane, WA 99201

Crossfit Duratus

When attending a CrossFit Dūrātus class you can expect a thorough warm-up, quality fitness instruction and coaching, and a challenging workout. Each class is designed to be 1 hour in length.

Because every workout can be scaled to different individuals’ abilities–CrossFit really is for anyone and everyone.

Would you like to try CrossFit for the first time? Or maybe you are already a CrossFit Athlete and just want to try out Dūrātus. Well, either way you are more than welcome to a free trial. In fact, take a second free trial if it helps you make up your mind. Joining a Crossfit gym is a commitment, so they want to make sure you understand and believe in the ethos of Dūrātus before you make a financial commitment.

Spokane Workout Spokane Workout

We choose Crossfit Duratus because they offer a great community environment with helpful coaches that will scale the workout to your abilities in a fun, fast-paced environment. They recently moved into a brand new, much larger space right off of Trent (about 2 mins from Gonzaga). They have plenty of parking and we also love their neighbor – Built To Move Chiro.

711 N. Helena ST. STE C