I try to write about what I am asked most, and believe it or not, the majority of my most asked questions have nothing to do with food. Today i’m breaking down my answer to, “Who are your favorite photographers in town?”. Luckily, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing photographers that I would HIGHLY recommend.

Jennifer Debarros Photography


Jenni makes you feel so comfortable and confident in front of the camera. She is great at making you laugh and capturing all the candid moments. Her photos are bold and colorful. She’s truly amazing at what she does and you can tell it brings her so much joy. I still use her photos from shoots we did years ago because I love them so much!

Tiffani Given Photography


Tiffani can make even the most drab setting look stunning. She has a way of making her job look so easy. Her photos are crisp and with a lot of whites, perfect for a good instagram aesthetic and you’re guaranteed to want to be her BFF after spending 10 minutes with her.

Sydney Baye Photography


Sydney is perfectly quirky and great at getting you to relax, have fun, and look natural on camera (even when it’s the furthest thing from natural for your husband). Our session with Sydney was super quick, which is often times all that your kids or husband can handle, and we ended up with stunning photos that we will cherish forever.

Katya Higgins Photography


Katya is self-taught though I have no idea how you can be that talented just from teaching yourself. She is the sweetest soul and so gentle and caring. She captures tender moments and she’s always smiling, which means you’re always smiling when you’re around her!

Cassie Trottier Photography


When I think of Cassie’s photos, one word comes to mind… FUN! Cassie works hard to capture genuine emotion. She wants real kisses, butt grabbing, swinging each other around, intense makeouts, and all of the things. When you work with Cassie you can rest assured that she will do what it takes to capture the real smiles, the real laughs, the real expressions and the result is pictures that show the real you and you’re going to love them. Trust me.

Urban Rose Photography


Rose actually graduated with a degree in photography so she knows all the in’s and out’s of cameras, lenses, editing, etc. She has done some amazing branded shoots in town and she goes into each shoot with a vision that she then perfectly captures.

Miranda Cheney Photography


I met Miranda recently and gave her the difficult task of photographing me at a busy farmers market in the blazing August heat and let me tell you… she crushed it! I hardly gave her instruction, but somehow she captured just what I was looking for! Oh, and she’s a gem.

Rachel French


If you’re looking for high-fashion photos with some attitude, Rachel is your girl. She is sweet as can be and has an eye for drama and creativity. Each photoshoot is more creative than the last.

Ash Blythe Photography


Hiring a birth photographer never even crossed my mind until I met Ash Blythe Photography – Birth Photographer (3 weeks before my due date). Before meeting her, all I knew about my delivery day was that the only person I wanted in the room was Dan. After a few meetings with Ashley, I knew I could trust her to capture the precious moments without being a distraction or taking away from the task at hand. After seeing the photos I know that it was 1,000% the best decision ever! Now we can remember these treasured minutes forever (bc let me tell you, it was all a blur).

Now, all you have to do is say cheese and let them do the rest!