Happy new year! I am Ashlee and I am the blonde behind the simplholistic blog & social media accounts. I am a certified nutrition consultant with a deep love for holistic healing. I believe all problems start at the gut and if we can fix that, you’ll be on your way to health! My clients are living proof that this theory is true. I blog about health related topics including: clean eats, supplement recommendations and travel, etc. When I’m not blogging or working with clients you can find me outside, teaching wellness classes, road tripping, or eating PB & avocado (not at the same time).

Along with your new year’s resolutions of going to the gym every day or actually studying for your finals, why don’t you commit to living a healthier lifestyle? No, no, no, I’m not talking about eating kale for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m also not talking about becoming a kombucha sippin’ plant lover (like me). I am simply encouraging you to be mindful of what’s going into your body and think about how it is going to affect you long-term. I don’t believe in dieting; I believe in wholesome good food.

One way that I have found I can be at my healthiest is by eating all organic ingredients. Here is my guide to healthy ORGANIC eating in Spokane.


  1. 1. Method Juice Café

Have you ever wanted a smoothie, juice, GoMacro bar, bulletproof coffee and soup all at the same time? Me neither. But if any of that sounds appealing to you, this is the place to be. This delicious little café has two locations: one in downtown Spokane and the other up north, off Division. They serve organic, GMO-free and local food. In the summer, you can stop by for a delicious smoothie filled with superfoods & protein. In the colder months, they can get you a rice bowl, salad or soup. I recommend to leave the agave out of anything you get, that stuff’s not good for you! Replace it with honey or dates instead. Also, throw some spinach in there, you can’t even taste it.

What do I get? 

Smoothie: Build Your Own: hemp milk, spinach/kale, collagen, almond butter, avocado, ½ banana, blueberries, 1 date J

Salad: Vegan Caesar & I bring my own chicken to add to it. So much for vegan.

Who can you bring there?

Anyone! Seriously, you can bring your juice loving brother, chili loving dad or your calorie conscious cousin. They have something for everyone.


  1. Wellness Tree Juice Bar

Have you ever been to an adorable juice bar? “Yes”, I like you. “No”, let’s go on a date. The Wellness Tree is in the historic Perry district of Spokane. It is attached to a holistic clinic that can meet all your health needs. From the succulents to the iron outdoor seating, this place is wonderful. They serve organic smoothies, juice, refreshers and acai bowls. The latter is what got my attention. After a year in Hawaii I may have developed an addiction and I’m not even ashamed.

What do I get?

On a hot summer day, I would order the avocado acai bowl with gluten-free granola. If I am feeling a smoothie, I get the mint chip; it’s a perfect combo of mint, chocolate and almond. I love that I don’t have to worry about questionable ingredients lurking in my bowl. As a health nut, there is nothing more I could ask for.

Who can you bring there?

This one gets a little bit touchier if you are thinking about bringing people who get squeamish about the H word… you know, HEALTH. I do have a trick though, just tell them you’re going out for peanut butter chocolate smoothies & that’ll do the trick. Don’t even think about the words: organic, GMO-free, healthy or juice bar. Leave that for them to find out.IMG_0064

  1. Main Market Co-op

When it comes to co-ops you can’t really go wrong. A grocery store and a restaurant all in one. This co-op is downtown on Main. It is clearly marked with a colorful mural of fruits, vegetables and cute animals. Inside you can find a deli, hot bar, and grocery store. Most everything sold at Main Market is organic, pastured, and GMO-free. They have breakfast, lunch and dinner (& dessert).

What do I get?

I head straight to the hot bar to load up my sustainable box with lots of greens, nuts, eggs & other veggies. Then I’ll grab some baked chicken, chow mien & something sweet if I’m lucky. I am not personally a lover of soy so I avoid soy products. Like soy? Go for it, they have it all!

Who can you bring there?

Dad, mom, sister, cousin, gramma & even your picky little brother. They have foods like mac n’ cheese, sandwiches and pasta. The desserts are destined to make everyone happy so if all else fails, buy those.


  1. Huckleberries

If you liked the idea of Main Market Co-op above, you’ll go nuts for this place. Think Main Market Co-op but bigger, more selection and tons more made-to-eat food. This co-op just celebrated its 20th year of business and I can see why. They have an incredible selection of local, organic and seasonal food. You can get your grocery shopping and dinner done all in one trip. Plus, they have a killer assortment of deli, soup and smoothie options.

What do I get?

Well, me being me, I have the desire to make a dash to the smoothie bar but I stop myself. Instead I get a big bowl of soup with a salad. Their soups change all the time so they always have something that I’m craving. Their salads range from kale to bean salads so you can’t mess up. If I do decide to get a smoothie I build my own: banana, spinach, peanut butter, cacao, collagen, spirulina & some kind of berries.

Who can you bring there?

Better question, who can’t you bring?


  1. Mizuna

Oh, the love I have for this quaint downtown restaurant. Seriously, I have celebrated anniversaries, bridal showers, birthdays and lady dates here. We share a passion of healthy living so it’s no wonder it is on my top 5. The owner does an excellent job at blending great food, environment, and customer service to give you an exceptional experience. In the summer, they source almost 100% local and in the winter, they do their best to keep everything clean. They have nightly specials and superb desserts, which is all that matters.

What do I get?

I absolutely love the lettuce wraps off the appetizer menu. They may be on the “starters” menu but don’t let that fool you, they are a full portion of deliciousness. They also make a mean salad with candied pecans, goat cheese & oil. Don’t forget to end your night with the amoretto pair & coconut ice cream.

Who can you bring there?

This one is even so good that you could bring the CEO of your fancy business. Not you? That’s fine, you can bring your college buddies and they will be just as equally pleased.


  1. Boots Bakery & Lounge

I was surfing google for some clean eats in Spokane when I read about Boots. I quickly put on my shoes, grabbed my purse and headed for downtown. Located right beside Main Market Co-op was this cute little coffee shop. When I got inside, I was in love. Who couldn’t love seats that are made from doors & light fixtures that are made from blenders? Then, I tasted their chai and I was hooked.

What do I get?

More like, “what don’t I get?”.  I love their pumpkin waffles with the soy-free butter option. The rice pudding is a dream. Their granola with steamed hemp milk sets the stage for a chilly winter morning and the gingersnaps… don’t even get me started.

Who can you bring there?

Vegans and non-vegans alike. They are a vegan bakery so for those vegans out there, this is your place. Don’t be scared though, I’m not a vegan and I could probably live there.


When it comes to the new year, I am pumped to renew my commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. Each year brings new excitement as I get to try new foods, create fun recipes and teach people how to make healthy changes. In the new year you are basically open to make any new changes without severe judgement from your non-health nut friends!

There you have it. You will never have to ask yourself again “Where in the world can I eat with this new year’s resolution?”

If you want to hear more about clean eating, nutrition and holistic health you can head over to my blog and stay up to date on the latest health tips! simplholistic.org