“It’s like falling in love for the first time”, says Spokane Cheesecakes owner, Thomas, after I take my first bite and he sees the pleasant look in my eyes. Spokane Cheesecakes is the only place in town that sells solely cheesecakes. You could say they have perfected their craft. They cook their cheesecakes long and slow, a European method. Cooking cheesecake for a long time is not typical, but necessary in order to achieve their perfect consistency. The owner of Spokane Cheesecakes created this bakery because he couldn’t find a cheesecake in town that he liked. They were all too sweet for his palette and left him wanting water or coffee to help wash it down. The cheesecakes at Spokane Cheesecake are rich and moist but there is some type of magic sorcery behind their recipe because they don’t leave you thirsty. I sampled each and every flavor before he mentioned this water fact and I was stunned that I never once thought about being thirsty.

These cheesecakes are unique in that they don’t leave you begging for a drink, AND they have a very thin layer of crust. So many cheesecakes now use a thick crust which takes away from the star of the show, the cheesecake. With a cheesecake from Spokane Cheesecakes, you get the creamy, cheesy center without the chunky crust distraction.

Their most popular flavor is the raspberry white chocolate. This is the boldest flavor that I tried because of the added white chocolate drizzle on top. I also tried their Mayan Spicy Chocolate (my personal favorite), followed by the basic New York, and the Limon (lemon/lime blend). They also make a whiskey cheesecake that can only be purchased at Prohibition Gastropub. More on that HERE. The owner calls the Mayan Chocolate “Spokane Spicy” not “LA Spicy”, meaning that the spice flavor is very subtle.

If you would like to order a custom cheesecake, make sure you place your order 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, you can stop in during regular hours and pick up any of the 6″, 7″, 9″, or 10″ cakes available. The 9″ cheesecake served about 10 slices. I prefer their individual sizes which allows you to try multiple flavors with less guilt. The individual size is sold for $5.50 and it is typical to buy about 4 of those to take home and share (or not share).

They have been serving up cheesecakes since 2011 and now they share the space with Marsell’s Cakes. Conveniently located on Sprague on the ground floor under an apartment complex, Spokane Cheesecakes should be your go-to when you want Cheesecake. They serve different flavors throughout the year and some customer favorites include the ginger cookie and honey vanilla. Try them out and see for yourself why they are different than the rest.


TUE-SAT 10:00 am – 5:30 pm / SUN-MON Closed Sun & Mon 

Spokane Cheesecakes (1420 E Sprague Ave, Spokane // 509.570.0658)