“I work out so that I can eat.” – Some wise person, someplace, at some point in time.

Ah, the eternal struggle between eating and exercise. I don’t know if ya’ll feel this way, but sometimes food fuels the soul in a way that exercise just can’t. But alas, it’s important to keep our bodies movin’ and groovin’ so that we can continue to enjoy the finer things in life (I’m talking about you, ice cream.) Today’s post is one that I’m particularly excited about because it helps solve the never-ending exercise struggle by making sweating fun. Yes, I’m serious.

Last week, the SpokaneEats team ventured into unknown sports territory and tried tennis lessons with RecTennis. Powered by USTA PNW, RecTennis was created in 2013 to bring fun, accessible, and affordable tennis lessons to anyone interested in playing the game through schools and community outlets. We tried the Serve Rally Play package, an hour and a half lesson geared toward teens and adults who want to learn or reconnect with the game of tennis. Although none of us have any formal tennis background, the coaches at RecTennis made us feel comfortable and quickly taught us the basics – by the end of the lesson, we were running through drills like seasoned pros (well, for the most part).

Upon arrival, we all filled out name tags and found a racket that fit us well. Don’t worry if you don’t have your own gear, RecTennis brings enough for everyone. We started with a few group warmups and then quickly went into drills to practice specific tennis skills like serving and hitting the ball properly. After the drills were over, the real fun started. We broke into two teams and played games. My favorite? Tennis Four Square. I felt like I was back in elementary school PE class! Even though I walked into the lesson a bit nervous, I left having had so much fun with a great group of people and feeling like I had experienced something new in Spokane. I know that sports lessons can be a bit intimidating, but truly, RecTennis is for everyone!

Ready for the best news yet? I had such a great time with RecTennis that I wanted to find a way to share the experience with my followers, so we have partnered together to offer a FREE class for SpokaneEats followers on August 17th! Visit our facebook event for more details. I can’t wait to meet you all in person on the 17th – but if you’d like to practice your tennis skills with RecTennis beforehand, you can find them and information on their classes at https://rectennis.com/city/spokane/. And be sure to follow them on Facebook at @RecTennis4all, or on Instagram at @RecTennis. As always, let them know that I sent you!

Come join us for a fun, beginner-intermediate tennis clinic on Thursday August 17th 6:00-7:30 for “Rally & Eats”. This event is typically $15/person, but this evening is completely FREE! Bring your friends, family, and come enjoy some fun competition and a good workout. We will have racquets available if you don’t have your own and all other supplies are provided. Everyone is welcome and we will have treats from Fannie’s Ice Pops available for purchase following the lesson and fabulous giveaway prizes up for grabs!  Register for your spot at the event, HERE.

As you can see, we worked up quite an appetite. So, we headed down the road to the new south hill tavern, Remedy. View the full post HERE. It felt so great to be active and sweat with friends then laugh and replenish with whole food goodness and kombucha on tap. Thanks for such a fabulous workout and dinner, Rec Tennis! Looking forward to many more fun evenings at “Serve, Rally, Play”!

Post Sponsored by: Rec Tennis