Ruins has been invading my dreams since we came last time for lunch on a cold, rainy day. It seems like I always end up here on dull, dreary days when I am in desperate need of a ray of sunshine. Ruins is just that. With their bright blue exterior, they turn a day from drab to fab. Whenever people ask me for some of my top recommendations for Spokane restaurants, Ruins is always on that list.

Ruins doesn’t just do anything half way. They ensure that each of their dishes has just the right amount of ingredients, sauces, and that extra bit of pizzazz. You can always expect something new and exciting when you visit. The menu is always changing as chef Tony Brown explores with new ingredients and flavors. While their lunch menu is very casual meant for a quick in-and-out, their dinner menu and ambiance is a bit more fine dining, but they still keep things low key.


Ruins Lunch Menu

The old Stella’s sandwich location from down the road, moved into the Ruins space and merged into their lunch service. Each sandwich is about $9 and they are served on paper products with a side of chips.  In a city saturated with restaurants, Ruins really stands out (and it’s not just because of their blue exterior).

My all-time favorite sandwich I have had at Ruins is their Ahi. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on the menu this time but I am also a big fan of their Cold Fried Chicken Sandwich which comes with pickled onions and a spicy sriracha sauce, their Banh Mi is very popular, the Falafel on pita bread with smoked tomato is fun and fresh, and of course I have to mention their notorious burger.

I’d highly recommend checking them out on Monday for their McRuins specials or Sunday for Ramen night.  Regardless of when you try them, just do it

Ruins Lunch Menu

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Keep eating, Spokane.


Ruins (825 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA // 509.443.5606)