ROOTED REMEDYS – skincare to enhance the mind, body and spirit

Locally owned skincare brand created to balance and enhance the mind, body and spirit.

Let’s talk about all thing’s health and beauty! Over the past couple of months, we got the opportunity to try out some handcrafted, locally sourced, and organic self-care products from Rooted Remedys. Created by Hilary Attwood, and handmade in Spokane, Washington, each product is created with the intention of helping more people connect to their inner beauty, all while using natural products. Products that help you glow from outside and from within, doesn’t get much better than that!?

Did you know… “Up to 60 percent of what you apply to your skin makes its way into your bloodstream, so choosing safe products is an important decision you can make for your health. Clean-beauty products contain wholesome, nourishing ingredients; offer amazing scents, textures, and experiences; and work really well, too.” (via kripalu)

Rooted Remedys goes above and beyond when it comes to their products. They provide superior, quality products by harvesting most of their ingredients and herbs by hand. Grown, harvested, and made with care. This means you know exactly where the ingredients come from and every single product that you’re putting on your body.

What led you to start Rooted Remedys? 

“My love for natural skin care products, herbs and homemade tinctures led me to the creation of Rooted Remedys! More and more people in my life were reaching out for the products I was creating. Being in the beauty industry gives you access to endless professional products. I wasn’t 100% happy with anything I’d ever used. So, I made it official and went live with the store in March 2020.”

What makes your products different? 

“My products are unique because I grow a lot of my own herbs so I can harvest the ingredients myself. I then perform a Reiki session on each small, concentrated batch. As a Reiki Practitioner, I know how important it is to tap into my desired energy during the cultivation experience, so that you can experience the same energy when you use my products at home.” 

What are some of your favorite products?

“I cannot live without Glow, Love St, and my Throat Chakra Blend. I mix Glow (facial serum) into everything! It’s great solo or cocktailed with your bb creams. It’s extremely concentrated and helps with anti-aging. Love St (body/face oil) was inspired by my love for the vintage energy of the late 1960’s, and Jim Morrison of The Doors. It’s a blend of oils that I’ve infused with my rose, helichrysum, lavender and Yarrow plants. It’s very moisturizing and easy to apply. Finally, we have the Throat Chakra Blend, which is a compact roll on with beneficial blends to open and balance that Chakra. I use it while I work on my guests all day.”

What is your experience and or education in the beauty / self-care world? 

“I have been a hairstylist for 15 years, and I have been lucky enough to travel all over for hair and skin care education. I am also a certified Reiki Practitioner, which is a beautiful gift I am able to share with my loved ones. Recently I became certified in holistic fillers and skin tightening services. These procedures have instant and natural results that I can morally stand behind.” 

Tell us about your products.

Rooted Remedys is a collection of Reiki infused skin care and therapeutic tonics. I use my fresh, home grown ingredients to create cleansers, exfoliants and moisturizers. If you are interested in energy balancing, I have created a collection of Chakra balancing blends. One of my best sellers is a Chakra Balancing Collection. It comes with rollers for the lower 6 chakras, a Crown Chakra spray, fresh sage, palo santo, and coordinating yoga poses to encourage complete balance.”

How would you describe your company in three words? 

“Cultivated with intention.” 

Favorite restaurant in Spokane? 

“Hands down, Zona Blanca!”

Favorite beauty tip?

“Always have your jade roller and under eye cooling pads by your bed. This way you have no excuse not to use them in the morning”

Words of advice for starting a business. 

“Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you start. In my opinion, living a life wondering, “what if” is way scarier than failing!” 

They offer a variety of wellness bundles, natural oils, crystals, polishes, moisturizers, and many different formulas. Here’s my current night-time routine (that I get to do maybe once a week because #momlife).

Crown Chakra Blend in your bath for pure consciousness.

Body Polish to Exfoliate, Improve Circulation & Renew.

Love Street Oil to Revitalize & Repair.

Resurface Mask to Exfoliate & Heal.

Cleanse to Balance & Refine.

Glow to Brighten, Regenerate and Firm.

Hydrate to Nourish, Reverse Aging and Smooth.

Heart Chakra to balance your center for love and compassion.

& Finish with the Crown Chakra Blend on your pillow or bedding.

We’ve been testing these products out for a couple months and we are happy to recommend this local brand! The ingredients are simple and pure, made in small batches with home-grown herbs.

With Rooted Remedys, you get all of the good stuff and none of the bad. Treat yourself to the all-natural self-care products your body desires. Connect with yourself and with nature, all while supporting a wonderful small business. 

Product details:


Nourish. Reverse aging. Smooth.

This beautifully whipped moisturizer is great for use day or night. The antioxidants and sea minerals fight free radicals, acne and wrinkles. Hydrate increases cell production and banishes bad bacteria. Reverses age spots. Hyaluronic acid improves hydration and suppleness. Creates a barrier between your skin and a mask. 


Brighten. Regenerate. Firm.

True liquid magic! This nutrient dense elixir will literally make your skin glow. Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidants go to work regenerating skin, while special oil blends reverse age spots and brighten. Even skin tone, firm, and reduce redness. Glow also decreases the visibility of eczema and rosacea. 


Purify. Balance. Refine.

Balance your natural oil production with this silky cleanser.  Perfect for all skin types. This magic potion is infused with fresh aloe vera leaf and cleansing oils for a flawless result.

Love Street

“She lives on Love Street, lingers long on Love Street” – Jim Morrison

This luscious gem was inspired by The Doors’ song Love Street. I’ve bottled the vintage energy of the late 60’s for you with this one. Revitalize your skin on a cellular level while repairing damage. Floruite crystals and my lavender/rose infused Vitamin E are the heart of this oil. Combats mature skin, balances oily skin, & hydrates dry, itchy skin. You will love the quick application and absorption. Infused with fluorite crystals to absorb negative energy and stress. This is the only moisturizer you will ever need again. Join me, as we take a stroll down Love Street.

Each small batch is 100% organic. Infused with Reiki and home-grown herbs.

Body Polish

Exfoliate. Improve circulation. Renew.

Take your skin from dry to dewy with this massaging body scrub. The uplifting scent melts away stress and enhances mood. Vitamin E and coconut oils hydrate dry, itchy skin. Use as a polish on dry skin when you need some extra exfoliation or to increase circulation. The anti-microbial ingredients allow this scrub to replace your regular soap.


Glow. Exfoliate. Heal.

This illuminating facial polish is infused with New Zealand’s exclusive Manuka Honey for an ultra-hydrating finish. It has the power to rid skin of bad bacteria, which stops acne from forming. Refreshes and purifies skin that’s been trapped under a mask all day.


Crown Chakra Blend

Land in Nirvana as you connect to the Universe. Pure consciousness. When this beauty is blocked, you feel out of sorts, depressed or anxious. You may feel detached from the world around you, experience headaches, neurological disorders, nerve pain, Alzheimer’s or even epilepsy. 

This post was created in partnership with Rooted Remedys.