Republic Pi is a sister restaurant to The Flying Goat and Downriver Grill- those are more than enough credentials I need to give them a try. Republic Pi is conveniently located in the Manito Neighborhood, making it a great lunch stop before walking around Manito Park and visiting the rose gardens. They serve some of their own unique artisan pizzas as well as some pizzas that are also popular at the Flying Goat.

Cliff Park Brussel Sprouts- WOW! They take fire-roasted to a whole new level. I thought I was the only one who liked my roasted veggies black and charred, apparently I was wrong because that’s how they serve them and they are a HUGE hit. They come with bacon bits… as if this appetizer could get any better.
We were eyeing the “Pi Bites” but practiced some self control so we didn’t fill ourselves up before the pizza came out.




Wood Fired Pizzas are the best pizzas. Hands down. Cooking in a wood-fire grill allows the pizza to cook evenly and it adds that firey/smokey flavor to the crust. We tried the Manito with rossa sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil. I am all about a classic, low maintenance pizza. This is the best way to judge if a pizza joint knows what they are doing. Order a classic, with light toppings and let the sauce, cheese, and crust do the talking. The ingredients tasted fresh and the  pizza was simple but full of flavor, the crust is thin and soft with a slight crunch.
We came for lunch so we also tried one of their sandwiches. The Hutton- grilled chicken, pico de gallo, avocado, lime crema, house bun served with your choice of side. This was moist and the chicken was grilled fresh.
Their Perry Street Salad is my go-to salad preference. Spinach, berries, avocado, cheese, nut/seed, with a sweet vinaigrette. Is their any better salad combo? Maybe the cobb but I could debate this for hours. You can add protein, like chicken, calamari, shrimp or pork to any of their salads.



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Republic Pi is bigger than The Flying Goat and it is dark and “pub-like” on the interior with some outdoor seating next to an enclosed fire. 

Republic Pi offers take out on all their menu items, just call ahead for prompt pickup.


Tell them “Spokaneeats” sent you.

Republic Pi (611 E 30th Ave, Spokane, WA // 509.863.9196)