Spokane is riddled with incredible restaurants, but for those looking for something a little out of the norm, have I got the place for you! Queen of Sheba has it all – unique flavors, an incredible location and dining experience, and so much soul that you swear you can taste it in their food. An authentic Ethiopian restaurant, the dishes, spices and cooking techniques instantly transport you to owner Almaz’s version of Ethiopian dining – and we aren’t complaining! From start to finish, Queen of Sheba fills you up, makes you happy, and leaves you wanting more. (At your next visit, that is. I don’t think it’s possible to leave this place hungry!)

Most dishes at Queen of Sheba are served on top of a flat bread called injera, a spongy crepe-like bread with a taste similar to sourdough. When eating Almaz’s food, you simply tear off a piece of the injera and scoop the food up with it! (No silverware to wash?! My kind of chef) Ethiopian dining is largely communal, so most dishes are served family style in the middle of the table with everyone sharing the same dishes and injera. Another perk? Each table has a traditional Mancala set (a game with a wooden board and marbles), so you are entertained while waiting for the amazing food.

I recommend starting your meal with some of their signature Ethiopian appetizers like the Chicken Sambussa and Spicy Fried Chick Peas. The Sambussa is stuffed full of shredded chicken. There were no air bubbles or pockets without meat. They didn’t have a lot of spice, as expected, but they were fresh and simple. The Roasted Chickpeas were hot hot hot (temperature not spice). They had a Cinnamon flavor which made them sweet with a little bit of a kick from some Ethiopian spice.

We ordered the vegetarian combination plate which includes a combination of four veggie dishes:

  • Yatakilt Alicha – Potatoes, carrots, and cabbage delicately sautéed with onions, garlic, ginger, and turmeric.
  • Yemishir Kik We’t – Red lentils cooked in berbere and Ethiopian spices.
  • Shiro – Ground chick-peas mildly spiced and slow cooked with chopped onions, tomatoes, and Ethiopian spices.
  • Yaterkik Alicha – Yellow split-peas cooked with turmeric, garlic and onions.

While they were all great, my favorites were the Yemishir Kik We’t and the Yaterkik Alicha. (Say that ten times fast!) The lentils were savory and rich with a good kick of spice at the end, while the split-peas were creamy, but light with a mild and slightly sweet taste from the onions.

Don’t you love combination plates?! They are such a great way to try multiple dishes without having to overload your stomach or wallet with four or five full dishes. I’m a fan, especially at a place like Queen of Sheba where you literally want one of everything. This is the best way to try a lot of their signature dishes at once. We also added Beef tibs, which can be seen in the middle of our spread. These were my favorite part because they had such a great flavor and were mixed with peppers and rosemary. I was worried the meat would be really fatty but I didn’t have one bad piece. It is sliced thin to make it easy to dip and roll up inside your injera bread.
This dessert was a nice surprise that the owner brought out for us. If you visit be sure to order the Queen Dibor’s Pani Popo, a fresh baked bread roll with a light coconut cream sauce. I could eat that sauce for days!
Next time you want something different and just can’t decide where to go, try Queen of Sheba, located at The Flour Mill by the Arena (621 West Mallon Avenue Suite 426). And as always, let Almaz know that I sent you!

Open Tuesday – Saturday

Let them know we sent you!


Queen of Sheba (The Flour Mill- 621 W Mallon Ave #426, Spokane, WA // 509.328.3958)