Pike Place Market is famous for a reason. There is so much beauty and culture tucked away in this spot in downtown Seattle. You get a great feel for the art, food, and culture of Seattle all with a gorgeous view of the water and a variety of activities to entertain your family.

A trip to the market isn’t complete without food so I like to start out with buying some donuts from “Daily Dozen”. You can get a dozen assorted variety mini donuts for about $6. If you can bare waiting in the long line, they are definitely worth it! They are so fresh that you can literally smell them cooking from a street away. Maple bacon are my favorite, made with real bacon, but I can’t deny a fresh powdered sugar, and those sprinkles are awfully pretty, ok… i like them all equally.





Buy yourself, or significant other, a beautiful hand-made bouquet for $15. These flowers are such a steal! They have a HUGE variety and many vendors so walk around and see them all before you make your final decision.

Check out the local artwork and photography for sale. We purchased a bright and colorful picture of the gum wall to frame in our home and always remind us of this wonderful trip!

You can even buy some fish to take home and cook. They will pack it up in a cooler of dry ice. If you aren’t headed home soon or don’t like the idea of driving/flying with fish, you can buy a fresh bowl of shrimp cocktail. The shrimps are HUGE and you can taste the freshness.





See the first ever Starbucks that’s right next door to Pike. I wouldn’t recommend buying anything because you will have to wait in line for forever and there is a Starbucks on almost every street in Seattle without this crazy crowd.

Finally, a trip to Pike Place isn’t complete without the obligatory picture in front of the GUM WALL! Make sure you come prepared with loads of bubble gum. (I made the mistake of buying trident bubble gum one time and it failed miserably. This time it was bubble tape, but only because I couldn’t find any bubbilicious at the nearby target.)


Hope you have a great time!

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Let me know if I missed some of your favorite things 🙂