I was pleasantly surprised by Maple Street Bistro. It is a great place to meet up for breakfast or lunch. The space is light and bright and they have patio seating out front. It sits on a random strip of land in between Maple & Walnut that I have driven by a million times and never noticed. I’m so glad we finally stopped in for lunch. Our only problem is now we feel like we HAVE to go back to try their breakfast dishes too.


This is the turkeyoncini and it was simple and delicious. They serve breakfast all day so we also tried one of their breakfast sandwiches. The cheese was pouring over the side so it had honestly won me over before the first bite. I was also a fan of their turkey cranberry wrap. They serve their sandwiches and wraps in a small or large size. The small is a half sandwich or small wrap. The small size is perfect for a light lunch but if you want a lot of meat, order the large.
All of their decor was cute and rustic, all the way down to their mini mason jar salt & pepper shakers. Can someone please get me those for my birthday? đŸ™‚
They sell 3 cookies for $3. You can tell by the picture below which one was our favorite. (The one that is almost half way gone- s’mores) While we are on the topic of dessert, their lemon bar is a must! I can’t wait to try some more of their pastries and breakfast options. I hear that their homemade bread is also pretty popular.
They have a couple of different fruit smoothie options and you can add greens to all of them. I couldn’t decide on my flavor so I asked the cashier to give me her favorite flavor. I couldn’t figure out which flavor she chose for me because the smoothie didn’t taste like much … Next time i’ll go with a hot drink.
(Open from 6am-4pm on most days)
Maple Street Bistro (5520 N Maple St, Spokane, WA // 509.443.3129)