Madeleine’s Cafe & Patisserie had me feeling like I was sitting in a French Bakery in the middle of downtown Spokane. The indoor space is large with lots of seating and modern vibes, and they have a small outdoor patio with covered seating. There’s free wifi which encourages you to stop and hang out for a while. I would be perfectly happy to sitting in Madeline’s for hours working on a project or reading a book, with a delicious pastry and warm drink by my side, of course.

Madeleine’s is a great place to meet for coffee and a pastry, or to sit down and enjoy breakfast or lunch. Their lunch menu only includes about 4 different sandwich options and they have great salad and side selections in their pre-made food case. They have a variety of pastries, including madelines of course.

The staff was friendly and seemed happy to be there, working on a Saturday morning, so props to them. Service is quick, you order at the front and they bring you your food and you leave it for them to pick up. It’s an efficient process.


I LOVED the cauliflower salad I ordered. The cauliflower was crunchy but cooked with a balsamic sauce with tomatoes and greens to add flavor and texture variety. Most of their lunch dishes cost around $10. We all added tomato basil bisque to our meals and after that first bite we were glad we did. The meat in the Reuben was thick and juicy and the open faced BLT was a great light brunch option, made better with their creamy tomato soup on the side. This soup definitely requires the word creamy in the title. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Needless to say, I will be back. My friend and I have been searching for this cauliflower salad recipe since we tasted it. We have found a couple that look similar on pinterest, but if anyone knows the chef at Madeleine’s and  can locate that for me… I’d forever be indebted to you.



Tell them “Spokaneeats” sent you.

Madeleine’s Cafe & Patisserie (415 W Main Ave, Spokane, WA // 509.624.2253)