We’ve all been there… you have a 30-minute lunch break, and you need to decompress, make phone calls, return texts, run errands, move your body, oh and eat lunch.

Enter LunchboxWax, no…they don’t sell food, but they do allow enough time for you to get a wax with time to spare to grab a bite to eat and get back to work in time!

LunchboxWax is a full-service, speed-waxing salon that utilizes effective techniques to give you smooth, glowing skin.

What makes them different?

At LunchboxWax, they believe that beauty is more than just your external appearance – it’s about how you feel about yourself. They use all natural, soft wax that can get finer hair, so you get better results. They offer a range of services for men and women, and they are open 8am – 8pm, so you can go before work, on a break, or when the workday has ended.

While we visited, we were given a list of pre-waxing tips for making your experience as comfortable as possible.

  1. Avoid caffeine
  2. Take ibuprophen 45 minutes before
  3. Avoid Alcohol
  4. Exfoliate
  5. Take a hot shower (helps to open pores)
  6. Before a big event, wax a week in advance in case of a reaction

As for post-wax, they offer a full line of products complete with body wash, salt exfoliator, and moisturizer. They even have a full line of brow products too like eyebrow pencils & gels, concealers, and highlighters.

Lunchbox Wax provides Face and Body waxing for both women and men. For an extensive list of services check out their website:

Now let’s talk about deals because waxing can get spendy. LunchboxWax offers a BOGO to every new customer (woohoo)! They also sell wax series where you pick the service you’d like and buy them in a bundle of 6 at a discounted price. More options? You betcha! At LunchboxWax you can sign up for an unlimited membership where you can get unlimited waxing all month long!

Waxing is never a walk in the park, but here it just seems a lot less intimidating and a lot less painful (because it’s done in a flash). Whenever you wax and wherever you wax, LunchboxWax has something for every body!

Find them in Spokane on the South Hill and in Coeur d’Alene near Lake City High School.

Lunchbox Wax (2525 E 29th Ave Suite 7 // 509.473.9942) (2045 Tea Olive Lane, South, Building Suite 103, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815 // 833-232-5299)

This post was created in partnership with LunchboxWax.