“King of Ramen was developed due to the lack of a delicious and heart-warming ramen in Spokane, while other cities have countless ramen restaurants emerging. After numerous hours of testing and searching for the best ingredients, we formulated a recipe that contains the traditional Japanese ramen style adapted to the American palate. Because of that, we are committed to make our soup daily from scratch and we do not add MSG. Our soup is boiled for hours with natural ingredients and spices and nothing short of perfection. We are devoted to serving you the best ramen in town, making us the King of Ramen.”

I’m glad to report that we finally tried King of Ramen and I was pleasantly surprised! The Ramen broth flavoring was really great and smooth. We also tried the chicken curry which wasn’t my favorite, but my lunch date really enjoyed it. However, if you go to a place called King of Ramen and order anything but ramen, I have no sympathy for you. I would definitely recommend their Tonkotsu Ramen in pork bone broth. You can order any of their ramen spicy but I prefer to add my own spice since they make it available at each table.

For appetizers, you can order their Japanese dumplings, japanese fried chicken, egg rolls, fried tofu, teriyaki chicken, seaweed salad, edamame, cabbage salad. Add extra toppings to your ramen like premium chashu, minced pork, soft boiled eggs, sweet corn, fried garlic, cheese, or extra noodles.

King of Ramen

King of Ramen

King of Ramen (1601 N Division St, Spokane, WA // 509.321.7050)