Since The Eagles rescheduled their tour due to one of the members getting food poisoning, (something I have never had since living in Spokane- shout out to the quality food being prepared!) there was an exciting and restless energy as the audience filed into the Spokane Arena. Those concert-goers that came early to warm up their seats and enjoy a cold beer were met with a toe-tapping feel-good opener, JD & The Straight Shot and their new album “Good Luck And Good Night.”

Shaped by traditional Irish folk music and classical music along with artists such as The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd and The Beatles this album encompasses the fire of American roots music and the swagger of rock n’ roll. Frontman and guitarist James Dolan has mastered the art of wearing many hats, as well as rocking his black fedora last Thursday. This New York businessman serves as the Executive Chairman of The Madison Square Garden Company.  


James has been able to use his platform to launch JD & The Straight Shot, but on stage he shines the spotlight on his talented musicians; guitarist Marc Copely, bassist Byron House, violinist and fiddler Erin Slaver, drummer and percussionist Shawn Pelton, and Alberta’s own guitarist Carolyn Dawn Johnson. Performing in close quarters, the intimate set up allowed the musicians to interact with one another and feed off each other’s energy.

The abundance of passion they brought to the stage gave life to their blues infused root-rock songs. I’m no music critic, but it was easy to see how devoted they were to perfecting their craft and sharing it with others. JD & The Straight Shot set the bar high, followed by an equally captivating performance by The Eagles. 

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