Garland Sandwich Shoppe is throwing an epic Pickle Party on National Pickle Day, Tuesday November 14th! They will be serving all things pickle. Pickle chips, pickle soup, pickled eggs, pickle pistachio ice cream and… the famous BIG DILL! Garland Sandwich Shoppe is getting a shipment of 80 gallons of Dill Pickles to prepare for this momentous day.

The Big Dill comes with 1/4 pound of meat and cheese for $7.99. Turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion with stone ground mustard served inside a pickle! People are traveling from all around the Pacific Northwest just to try this pickle sandwich craze. I’ll tell you, it’s worth the drive. The Big Dill is crunchy, salty, and stuffed with all of your favorite sandwich guts. The sandwich is sturdy and keeps its shape. Kristen, owner of Garland Sandwich Shoppe, got the idea for the “Big Dill” from her moms husband who was looking for a carb-less sandwich option. She then created this ingenious sandwich and business has been booming. It has me thinking, what else is she going to come up with in the future…

Garland Sandwich Shoppe - The Big Dill

Located just one block west of the Garland Theater, open from 10-3 Monday-Friday.

If you’re not a pickle lover, then I feel sorry for you, but Garland Sandwich Shoppe has all of your traditional sandwich favorites and they make a mean panini! You can order one of their sandwiches grilled on a panini press, a deli sandwich served cold, or build your own just how you like it.
If you don’t want pickle bread, you can try multigrain, sourdough, marbled rye, or vienna french. Choose from traditional meats such as turkey, ham, chicken, pastrami, roast beef, bacon, pepperoni, or salami. Their cheese selection includes provolone, cheddar, swiss, pepper jack and mozzarella. They also serve rotating soup options for these cold, rainy days. Every Friday they offer their Smoked Salmon Corn Chowder. You can get a side with your sandwich such as potato salad, greek orzo, pasta, egg salad, etc. They also have six different salads if you’re looking for a low carb lunch. But, if you’re looking for a low carb lunch and you like pickles… get the Big Dill!
Garland Sandwich Shoppe - The Big Dill
Garland Sandwich Shoppe - The Big Dill
(3903 North Madison Street Spokane, WA // 509.326.2405)