Milford’s is on a whole different level when it comes to fresh seafood and fine dining. This has been Dan’s all-time favorite restaurant for years and even with his high expectations, he has yet to change his mind. Every time we go to Milford’s he orders the exact same thing, The Seafood Sauté (aka the “Lisa”). It is a smorgasbord of fish in a creamy butter sauce with cajun spice. (You choose your spice level: 3-5) I really like their steelhead stuffed with crab and brie, their cedar plank salmon is also a huge hit in my book! If seafood isn’t your thing, don’t fear. They make a mean pork chop and steak.

Not only is their food fantastic, but they also treat their customers like royalty. Milford’s will do whatever they can to make sure you are pleased and have a great experience. I was especially impressed with them during this dining experience because we had three small kids in our group. They offer a complimentary berry cider drink that they bring to the table almost immediately when the kids get there. They don’t have a set children menu but they are happy to accommodate and make a small dish especially for your child. They also brought out a beautiful plate full of fresh fruit for each child to snack on before their meal.


We started the meal with three different appetizers: steamed clams, Dungeness crab stuffed mushrooms, and Nakgi taee kim (korean shallow fry of calimari). I have officially stated them as best calamari in the city. It is very different from the calamari i have enjoyed in the past. Their is a ton of fresh fish with a light batter and no slimy or chewy pieces in sight. They serve their calamari with 5 different dipping sauces, sure to please all taste buds. The steamed clams were fresh and buttery and made fun toys for the kids once they were eaten. The mushrooms were the first to go and everyone was begging for more. These are all hits if you are eating at Milford’s but the clam portion size is the best for groups of more than 4.

Another point to mention is that Milford’s believes each entree should be accompanied with a soup or salad so they include it with your purchase. Don’t be afraid to stray away from your typical romaine salad. We always try something new and are always pleasantly surprised. They also serve fresh, warm bread with butter sprinkled with Hawaiian sea salt.


Their desserts are cheap because they want you to try them. Each dessert goes for about $5. The cheesecake melted in my mouth and was the perfect icing on the cake to this magnificent meal. I’d also recommend their creme brûlée, and even the vanilla ice cream with caramel & sea salt. We love you Milford’s, can’t wait to come back!

P.s. Sorry for the poor quality photography! I forgot my camera and they don’t open until 5 pm which is a problem when it gets dark at 4…

Don’t forget to tell them we sent you.

Keep eating, Spokane.


Milford Fish House (719 N Monroe St Spokane / 509.326.7251)