Fleur De Sel Artisan Creperie is a cute Crepe spot on the south hill, just south of Sacred Heart Hospital. It is run by the same charming people that own Fleur De Sel in Post Falls, ID. If you haven’t been to Fleur De Sel, it is one of the best fine dining spots around. More on that HERE.

The owner is from France, so she knows what it takes to make a fabulous crepe. These crepes are packed with cheese, meats, and flavors. They don’t skimp on the ingredients. You can get a crepe and a side for only $10 for lunch. I chose their house soup of the day, which was a bold tomato bisque. Again, they are not stingy with their spices. The flavors here are really bold. It has been weeks since I visited, but as I type this, I can still taste my crepe and soup perfectly. That’s how you know you had a great meal. You won’t forget about this one for a while.

We ordered the Bison Meatloaf and Horseradish crepe made with Natural Bisone, Fleur De Sel Spices, Horseradish cream, broccoli slaw, and mozzarella cheese. We also tried the Turkey and Bacon crepe made with turkey breast, bacon jam, roasted vegetables, and cheddar cheese. These both came recommended from the owner as they are some of the more savory entree crepe options. The crepe batter is made with non GMO flour and you can also order your crepe Gluten Free or Vegan. Fleur De Sel Artisan Creperie is an “eco-friendly” establishment. There are no servers here and you can expect a laid back and casual atmosphere.

Don’t forget to order a dessert crepe. The Lemon Curd with fresh blueberries is enough to make me crave Fleur De Sel Artisan Creperie. I would highly recommend this spot for breakfast or lunch if you are downtown or on the South Hill.

Keep eating, Spokane.

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Fleur De Sel Artisan Creperie (909 S Grand Blvd Spokane, WA / 509.242.3725)