Five on Black is the new and improved Chipotle. Now, that is very difficult for me to admit because I am a HUGE Chipotle fan, but they have gone downhill since the whole E.coli scare. Their salads are lacking their “wow” factor, the ingredient temperatures are drastic, and the portions are smaller. Enough about Chiptole… Five on Black is killing it as a “fast, casual Brazilian restaurant”. It is similar to Chipotle’s concept but with so much more flavor, spice, and bowl possibilities. The food is healthy, fresh, and gluten free.


Step 1: BASE Choose from White Rice, Brown Rice, Crisp Greens

Step 2: DISH Choose from Beef, Chicken, Tilapia, Roasted Veggies, Feijoada (the national stew of Brazil)

Step 3: SIDE Choose from Coconut Sweet Potatoes, Steamed Collard Greens, Black Beans

Step 4: SAUCE Choose from Green Herb, Mango BBQ, Spicy Coconut

Step 5: TOPPINGS (Choose 3) Chunky Tomato Vinaigrette, Farofa, Lime Wedge, Spicy Chimichurri, Cilantro





There are over 70,560 ways you can create your bowl at Five on Black. Talk about having options. My favorite bowl combination is: Crisp Greens, Tilapia/Roasted Veggies, Black Beans, Spicy Coconut sauce, Chunky Tomato Vinaigrette, Cilantro, and a Lime Wedge. The Spicy Coconut sauce is out of this world! It almost brings a sort of Thai curry feel to this traditional Brazilian dish. The chunky tomato vinaigrette is like a pico de gallo and they don’t skimp on the cilantro.

Two of the many reasons Five on black trumps Chipotle (besides their flavor and spice) include their variety of vegetables additions and their shredded Tilapia! If I can order fish at a restaurant, you bet that’s what i’ll order. I asked for half Tilapia and half vegetables on my bowl. I was expecting roasted peppers and onions but they added a full scoop of hot pink veggies in my bowl. I was stunned and intrigued. At Five on Black, they use roasted beets and a mixture of other popular Brazilian vegetables. These roasted veggies really add to that “wow” factor I mentioned earlier.

For your side options you can choose coconut sweet potatoes, steamed collard greens or black beans. Do they offer sweet potatoes at Chipotle?… I think not. If you have ever been to a Brazilian restaurant, you know how dangerous the cheese balls can be. At Five on Black, you can order one as a side or a dozen to take home with you! You’ve been warned.




The owner was inspired to create Five on Black after a life-changing trip to Brazil. He was fascinated by the way meal time was about the experience, instead of simply scarfing down your food for quick nourishment. At Five on Black, customers are invited to enjoy the eating experience by sitting at long, open tables, striking up a conversations with strangers, telling jokes, making friends, laughing, and simply enjoying life. The atmosphere at Five on Black is open, bright, and inviting. You can take your food to-go or keep it to-stay and delight in the cool ambiance.

We went on a road trip last weekend and the only thing that got me through the 12 hour drive was knowing that we were stopping in Missoula on the way home to try Five on Black. Missoula, Montana is only about a three hour drive from Spokane and now that I have discovered this Brazilian food gem, I will be finding more opportunities to road trip on this route.

Five on Black… This is me begging… COME TO SPOKANE?!?!?!

Five on Black (Missoula South 3850 S. Reserve ST STE 140 Missoula, MT // 406.926.1305)