Ferrante’s is a family-owned italian restraurant on the south hill serving up rich pasta dishes, authentic italian pizza, natural gelato, and even jewelry, candles, and other accessories. It is your one-stop-shop on the south hill for dinner and a little boutique shopping! Stop in for a romantic date night, bring the whole family, or order to-go and enjoy your pasta at home. This is authentic, fresh Italian food and many of the recipes at Ferrante’s go back generations.

Some of their most popular menu items include: Peas & Bacon, Beef Lasagna, Chicken Piccata, Shrimp Diablo, Cougar Gold Pizza, and 509 Fries.

We started with a salad: Apples & Blue Cheese. This is made with mixed greens, candied pecans & an orange balsamic dressing. I wish I would have had an extra large portion of this salad because it was so fresh and light! It had the perfect topping to lettuce ratio. The quickest way to ruin a good salad is too much or not enough dressing. At Ferrante’s, they dress it just right.


It is rare that Dan and I have the same favorite dish at restaurants we try, but we both agreed the Shrimp Diablo was on FIRE! (and not just because it was spicy) This dish consisted of spicy shrimp, jalapeno crème sauce, cherry tomatoes, and scallions on linguine. The sauce was creamy and coated on the linguine nicely without weighing it down or over saturating the dish. The shrimp wasn’t too spicy, but jalapeño creme sauce does a great job of adding that extra kick. All that was left in this bowl after we were done with it were a couple of shrimp tails. We practically licked it clean and dipped all of our leftover bread in the sauce residue left in the bowl. We are animals.

Next we tried another linguine dish, the Chicken Piccata. This comes with a lightly breaded chicken filet, lemon, butter, white wine and capers. This dish is very simple but that’s what makes it so great! The lemon/citrus flavor is strong, which I’m a big fan of. When they say the chicken is lightly breaded, it is LIGHTLY breaded. This is a great dish if you want something a little lighter without the creamy sauce.20160721-IMG_316020160721-IMG_317120160721-IMG_3175

Finally, we were served their Peas & Bacon pasta dish. I was pretty skeptical of this dish. I usually want a little more protein in my pasta dish than bacon bits. But, I was pleasantly surprised. The bacon bits were more of bacon chunks and they were plentiful. The peas help add extra cream to this dish and the shells are definitely the best pasta choice because they serve to hold the peas and bacon for the best bite combination possible.

This is a house specialty at Ferrante’s. It comes in a garlic crème sauce and, again, they do a great job of perfectly saucing their pastas. There is enough sauce where you aren’t left wanting more, but just enough to where your pasta is lightly coated and there isn’t any left at the bottom of the bowl.

(Disclaimer: The pasta dishes you see in these images are half orders, so yours would be twice the size. We got smaller portions so we could try more flavors.)


Ferrantes is one of the few places in Spokane with authentic Gelato. They get the gelato from a 3rd generation Italian family in Michigan. Ferrantes distributes their gelato to a couple other places in Spokane but nothing goes better with gelato than Italian food, so I’d recommend getting it here. Before or after your meal, I don’t judge.

The gelato is all natural using fresh fruit and real ingredients. We loved their blueberry merlot sorbetto which contains less than 1% dairy. They also serve spumoni, a traditional Italian gelato. You might recognize a similar dessert served at The Old Spaghetti Factory, but it is much better at Ferrantes (support local!).

Tell them we sent you!


I was so impressed by their shop in the front of the restaurant. It is my favorite boutique I have found in Spokane. They have volcano candles, dainty jewelry, hobo bags, and more!

I couldn’t resist one of their beautiful gold necklaces and I have already received so many compliments on it. Next time you need a gift for a girlfriend, or yourself, visit their shop and you’re sure to find something great!20160721-IMG_313720160721-IMG_313820160721-IMG_313920160721-IMG_314020160721-IMG_3143

Thanks for having us, Ferrante’s! We can’t wait to come back!

Ferrante’s Marketplace Cafe (4516 South Regal Street Spokane, WA // 509.443.6304)