Exploring the Fairwood Farmer’s Market with Kaiser Permanente Washington

By this point, I think it’s pretty clear that I love food. But, before living in Spokane, I never really understood the importance of ‘eating local’. To me, eating local means finding cafes, restaurants and stores that source their ingredients from nearby farms or local growers, supporting “ma and pa” establishments and, my personal favorite, visiting farmer’s markets to stock up on local fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat for my weekly groceries.

A great opportunity for shopping for produce and treats is the Fairwood Farmer’s Market, sponsored by Kaiser Permanente Washington, open every Tuesday from 3:00 to 7:00 pm until October 15. Before this north side market opened, we had to drive all the way downtown for fresh, farmer’s market goods. Having a market only a couple miles from our home means I’m there every Tuesday, with my bags in hand, gathering ingredients to make home cooked meals for the week. At the Fairwood Farmer’s Market, all the food available for purchase is grown and raised locally. It’s so special to see the smiles on the farmers’ faces when you buy their goods.

A few weeks ago, we walked away with a ton of fresh produce including gourmet infused olive oil and vinegar, natural bug repellant, a lemon cookie (or two), and of course, delicious fruit-flavored popsicles to beat the heat. There was a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from, but the peaches and plums were especially perfect. One of our favorite things to do with plums is make fruit leather. It’s the perfect snack for on-the-go and much better for you than the fruit leather you buy from the store. Each time we visit the market, we love to pick out a new ingredient that we haven’t cooked with to add variety and keep things fun and challenging in the kitchen.

Dan has always been a big advocate of spending our money on high-quality food. (He also refuses to eat leftovers but that’s a whole different story). Yes, sometimes it’s more expensive to buy healthy food, but we believe it’s better to pay a little more upfront for good, healthy food than to spend more money down the road for medication, steep medical bills, and health issues caused by a poor diet. Now, thanks to the markets in our community and to Kaiser Permanente Washington, enjoying quality, local produce has become accessible and significantly more convenient.

Kaiser Permanente Washington believes in improving the health of the communities they serve. They are rooted in total health — mind, body, community – and know that in order to improve health across the region, access is key.  That’s why Kaiser Permanente Washington supports over 50 farmer’s markets at various hospitals, clinics and locations across the country, allowing patients to have providing easy and convenient access to whole, healthy foods. In Washington state specifically, Kaiser Permanente partners closely with local farmer’s markets (like the Fairwood Farmers Market) to bring fresh, healthy food to local neighborhoods. making it easier for local residents to eat healthier.

As a market sponsor, patrons can visit their the Kaiser Permanente Washington booth for tips and tricks on how to eat healthier and benefit from the fresh produce being sold at the market. In addition, you can also pick up one of their reusable tote bags full of goodies and perfect for carrying around your market purchases. Kaiser Permanente Washington’s goal at the Fairwood Farmers Market is to offer more opportunities for local residents to choose from a wide array of fresh, whole foods helping to prevent chronic health conditions such as elevated blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

When you choose to become a member of Kaiser Permanente Washington and trust them with your health, you have a community behind you that cares and will do what they can to help you get healthy and stay healthy. As mentioned on their website, Kaiser Permanente Washington “doctors, specialists, and health plan are all part of one connected team — coordinating your care seamlessly so you don’t have to. It’s how [they] do things faster, easier, and better — and help you live healthy, your way.” They also devote a large focus to wellness including mental health, maternity care and life care planning through online programs, special rates and educational classes to help each of us live our best life!

Speaking of living your best life, flu season will be here before we know it and Kaiser Permanente Washington wants to be sure we are prepared and taking precautionary measures to avoid contracting the flu virus. I opted out of a shot last year and immensely regretted that decision when I got the flu and felt like I was on my death bed for a week. In addition to getting vaccinated, you can also help stay healthy by eating right, exercising, and keeping your hands clean. I also want to mention that expecting moms can get the flu shot to protect themselves, their baby, and those who cannot vaccinate.

North Spokane is so grateful Kaiser Permanente Washington believes that everyone deserves the chance to live a healthy life. That’s why you can find high-quality care and coverage in one place. It’s also why you can find me at Fairwood Farmer’s Market every Tuesday night! By checking out the Kaiser Permanente Washington booth at the market, you’ll quickly see the many ways they make it easier to stay on top of your health. Because ‘we’re all in this together and together, we thrive.

For a list of Kaiser Permanente upcoming events visit this link: https://k-p.li/2Hy3qo5 – and look out for Kaiser Permanente Washington at your favorite market or sponsoring a local fitness class from now through the beginning of October.

This post was created in partnership with Kaiser Permanente Washington. All opinions remain my own.