Ephata Cafe. Think vegan, gluten free, juice bar, Korean, breakfast, healthy, cafe. These are just some of the words that describe this unique cafe. They do it all.

Ephata Cafe has been in business for almost two years. When I asked the staff what makes them different, they answered without hesitation explaining the owners passion and desire for quality. Quality ingredients, quality environment, quality recipes, quality experience.

The staff at Ephata work hard to create a healthy environment using whole, fresh ingredients. One way they do this is by making frequent trips to buy their produce instead of buying a lot at one time. Though this is more work, it’s worth it. You will agree if you have ever tasted a fresh vs. a week old cucumber. This is what makes Ephata different. They are willing to put in more work and inconvenience themselves for the sake of pleasing their customers with quality.





Their Hurricane and PB&J smoothie are my two favorites. The PB&J has strawberry, banana, peanut butter, vanilla almond milk, and agave. The 16 oz is only $4.50. The Green Machine Juice is a really haealthy option with celery, cucumber, apple, lemon, kale, spinach, and parsley and the 16 oz is only $4. Only order this if you are a big celery/cucumber fan because it is STRONG.

They offer regular and organic smoothie options. If you would like your drink made with all organic fruits and veggies, make sure you tell them and they will accommodate your request. They also use locally roasted Indaba Coffee. As if this quaint cafe could get any better, you can call ahead your order for takeout and pick it up behind their building without ever leaving your car! Just make sure you call at least 15 minutes before pick-up to ensure your food is ready.

We started with their Mung Bean Pancake which is only $5.95. It is made with soaked Mung bean, napa cabbage, carrot, bean sprout, green onion with a house made sauce. They make this pancake without any flour, potato, etc so it is gluten free and mung beans is the main ingredient.




Their Udon Noodle Salad is a new menu item they are introducing to their “summer menu”- beginning in early May. Another popular summer item will be their Korean Cold Noodle Soup which is a staple in the hot summer months in Korea.

They mentioned that avocado toast would be a new summer menu item and I about freaked. I’m such a sucker for avocado toast and I can’t find it anywhere in Spokane! They made me a sample dish and i’m a fan. Who doesn’t like a nice, fresh piece of avocado toast. Pair it with some runny eggs and I’m a happy girl.

I already told y’all my favorite smoothies (hurricane- you only taste the fruit not the veggies and the PB&J). Another one of my favorites is their classic rice bowl. It is served with brown rice, your choice of chicken/beef, topped with veggies.








Tell them “Spokaneeats” sent you.

They are open from 7-6 on weekdays and 8-5 on weekends.

Ephata Cafe (1908 W Northwest Blvd // 509.328.8888)