Crave Event Spokane

A four day event celebrating the Inland Northwest Culinary Scene?! That’s my love language. It all started with the SEAFOOD BASH. A luxurious celebration of fresh fish, shellfish and all things seafood! Night one started off with a bang. A seafood boil with crab, corn, potatoes, and sausage stole the show. I was partial to the ahi stack from Anthony’s. Another fan favorite was octopus ceviche from Chef Chad White of Zona Blanca. We left with full tummies, excited for what the next few days had to offer.

On we went, over to the Center Place Event Center in the Spokane Valley again on Friday evening. With perfect weather and stunner outfits from Swank Boutique, we tried a variety of FOODS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. Global flavors with a vibrant theme. All of the events at crave are walk-around, sampling events. This makes it easy to sample as slow or quick as possible, and go back for seconds (or thirds) from your favorite chefs. I’m looking at you, Chef Travis from Cochinito Taqueria. 😉

Crave Event SpokaneCrave Event Spokane Crave Event Spokane Crave Event Spokane

Now on to Saturday, this is wear the real fun begins because it’s an all day affair! This year, we were most impressed by the GRAND TASTING! During the Grand Tasting, you get to sample from dozens of food purveyors, wineries, breweries, distilleries and see the International Chef forum with 45 minute on-stage demos.  This event was at least three times the size of last year’s Grand Tasting.

Let’s just say this event was the best bang for your buck. Plenty of food and drink options then chef demonstrations every hour, which ended with samples. We attended the fish sauce class and learned all about how to use fish sauce, where to buy the best fish sauce, how to cook with fish sauce, etc.

Crave Event Spokane   Crave Event Spokane   Crave Event Spokane

Following the Grand Tasting during the day on Saturday, we got to attend FIRE & SMOKE, the evening event.

Fire & Smoke was a BBQ extravaganza, with live cultural entertainment by The Coeur d’Alene Tribe, sponsored by Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort.  We danced, mixed, mingled, and ate as much as we could stuff in after the plentiful offerings at the Grand Tasting.

Crave Event Spokane   Crave Event Spokane Crave Event Spokane Crave Event Spokane Crave Event Spokane Crave Event Spokane Crave Event Spokane

Crave Northwest ended on Sunday with brunch and another Grand Tasting event. They switched things up and made improvements from last year’s brunch (which was incredible). We left town so we weren’t able to attend the last day of Crave, but it looked just as fun and eventful as day one, two, and three.

My advice, as soon as the Crave Northwest 2019 dates are released, mark yourself out-of-office and take a couple days off to enjoy all that the Inland Northwest food scene has to offer.

Crave Event Spokane  Crave Event Spokane Crave Event Spokane          Crave Event Spokane  Crave Event Spokane

PHOTOS BY: @Jasmina

OUTFITS FROM: Swank Boutique