My first impression upon arriving at Clover, was that it is very clean, quaint, and cozy. This isn’t a super cheap lunch spot, but it is worth the money. Everything is made fresh, with appropriate seasonings and efficient service. Clover is located inside a renovated home and you can eat upstairs or downstairs. The front is covered with windows, allowing lots of light into the space, while it maintains it’s romantic feel. You enter the doors and Clover and immediately feel relaxed and warm.
We started with their highly recommended Dungeness Crab, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, and I have to admit, it is the best crab dip that I have ever experienced. The portion is just enough for 2 but oh my goodness, talk about something I could eat with a spoon. It’s bursting with flavor and served warm with homemade crostini.
I heard that Clover had the best Reuben in Spokane, which is the real reason I wanted to try the restaurant. After enjoying their toasted Reuben on a rainy, cold day… I’d have to agree, it’s my new favorite in Spokane. The scratch-made sauerkraut and meat are fresh and the gruyere cheese and creamy louis dressing cause the sandwich to melt in your mouth. It is served on their home-baked Marbled Rye bread. Seriously though, this corned beef was something to write home about. I’d love to know their secrets.
All of their bread comes from a local baker “Bellacrosta” who bake their breads and pastries fresh daily. They use a long fermentation process that “creates the bread’s own natural preservative and builds the rustic crust that protects the beautifully moist tangy crumb inside”. We also tried their garlic parmesan bread complete with garlic chunks baked in the bread and served with onion butter. So much better than your typical side chunk of bread that comes with a salad and is dry, bland, and blah. You can even buy your own “Bellacrosta” loaf to take home with you. Trust me, you’ll want one after trying this bread.
Along with their Reuben, we tried their tomato gazpacho. If you haven’t had gazpacho, know that it is typically a cold tomato soup with onions, peppers, jalapeno, garlic, etc. This gazpacho was really refreshing but I would have enjoyed it more as a salsa, with chips. Actually, I took the leftovers home and ate it as chips and salsa the next day. If you think of the gazpacho as salsa, it’s amazing. But, if you try to eat it plain with a spoon, you might struggle, as I do. Now, I’m not opposed to eating salsa with a spoon, it must be really good, and this is, but the portion is massive for what it is. This would be a great dish to have on a hot summer day, but it didn’t quite do it for me on a cold, rainy, day.

I also tried the Clover Cobb Salad which I have renamed the “Unconventional Clover Cobb Salad”. This Cobb had no egg, no bacon, no tomato, no cheese. Not exactly what I would call a cobb, but a fresh and delicious salad, none the less. It is served with bib lettuce, red pepper, artichokes, avocado, pickles and your choice of salmon or chicken. I’d recommend the salmon.

I mentioned earlier that this is a more expensive lunch, but they offer a $12 boxed lunch deal that comes with half a sandwich and your choice of soup or salad, and a homemade cookie. The boxed lunch is a great deal and comes with quality ingredients and huge bowl of soup. This is plenty to fill you up for lunch and it’s cheap cheap cheap (for Clover).
All in all, best Reuben in town, phenomenal crab dip, and I plan to come back for dinner to get the full Clover experience and try some of their fine-dining dishes. You can tell that the staff at Clover cares about their food and their service. Keep up the good work!
Keep eating, Spokane.
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Clover (913 E Sharp Ave, Spokane, WA // 509.487.2937)