Bruncheonette is a pleasant surprise for the Spokane food scene. This is your sweet & savory brunch spot on any (and every) day of the week. They are open from 7am-3pm Monday-Sunday. Bruncheonette was created by the owners of “Couple of Chef’s” Food Truck. This is their first brick & mortar location, right next to Milford’s on Monroe. Shout out to Milford’s, you do fish like no other. Anyways, Y’all, this place is LIT!

They have everything you want for brunch. From sweet, to savory, to bourbon… yeah, bourbon butter. Don’t ask, just try. Their menu is split up into sections such as: Waffles, Pancakes & Sweets, Plates (more gourmet dishes), Handhelds (sandwiches and burgers), and they even have salads. Please don’t be that person that orders a salad here. I’m begging you.


Let’s start with my favorite dish, the Tamale Waffle. This is one of the best Mexican dishes I have had in Spokane, if that tells you anything. The waffle is mixed with green onions and cheddar tamales making it savory and spicy and everything nicey. The waffle is topped with Mexican spiced shredded beef, cherry tomatoes, pickled jalapeno, lettuce, sour cream, and 2 eggs. Yeah. This dish was on FIRE, literally and figuratively. I got more and more excited about it with every single bite. They don’t skimp on the meat and the runny eggs create an even more creamy dish. This dish is bursting with Mexican flavors. The waffle never gets soggy, it stays nice and crispy. And this was still true with my leftovers the next day! When you come to bruncheonette, you’ll be seriously missing out if you don’t order the Tamale Waffle.

On to the Monte Cristo French Toast. Made with brioche french toast, bacon, turkey, strawberry jam, Swiss cheese, and powdered sugar, topped with real  maple syrup. Ok, so this isn’t your typical Monte Cristo. It is stuffed with thick cut turkey. It’s more like a really good, thanksgiving turkey sandwich with french toast bread that make it socially acceptable to dip your sandwich in maple syrup. This was much more savory than expected, not overwhelmingly sweet. A great lunch option if you still want some sweetness in your dish.


Now, we probably should’ve stopped with just those two dishes, as they were plenty filling, but where’s the fun in that? We had to try their bacon sticky bun because, well, bacon… and vanilla cream cheese frosting. This brioche sticky bun was covered in a sticky brown sugar glaze and sprinkled throughout with sweet bacon bits. Not your crappy salad bar bacon bits, real, thick, salty bacon bits. Bravo with adding the cream cheese frosting and adding enough to have some with each bite.

We were also drawn in by the Country Potato Medley so we gave that a shot too. It is made of a mixture of red potato, sweet potato, and yams. So much better and more dynamic than your typical breakfast potatoes. They were cooked thoroughly with some burnt edges, just how I like them.

Now I just have one issue. I really want to come back to try their Healthy Elvis Chocolate & Banana Protein Pancakes, complete with peanut butter. But, how on earth do I come back and ignore that Tamale Waffle?!?! I may just have to get both…  Oh, and I also need to try the Chicken & Waffles. And the Rude-Ben (Reuben’s Drunk Uncle). And the Chilaquilas. Ok, i’ll stop there. But I don’t want to.



Bruncheonette also has a vast drink menu complete with coffee from Vessel Roasters, Roast House, Indaba, and Evans Brothers. Take your pick. They also have a variety of signature cocktails. Y’all, give this place a try. And, right across the street, is the Spokane County Public Works building which is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. All the leaves are changing and the trees are all sorts of shades of October. Remember to tell them Spokaneeats sent you!

Keep eating, Spokane.


Bruncheonette- Couple of Chefs Catering & Food Truck (1011 W Broadway Ave, Spokane, WA // 509.443.5968)