As some of you may know, I began Spokane Eats after moving to Spokane in 2014. I’m not going to lie, when I moved here, I had pretty low expectations. But, after living here for a couple of months, I quickly realized that Spokane is more “home” than Dallas ever was. I was instantly blown away by the food scene and all that Spokane has to offer. I started Spokane Eats as a way to bring attention to the wonderful restaurants and small businesses around town. Since starting Spokane Eats, so many restaurants, business owners, creatives, and the community as a whole have embraced me and my work and this has truly meant the world to me. I hope be a voice of positivity and warmth to locals and visitors as I share all of the wonderful things happening around Spokane.

As we complete our second year of blogging, I wanted to thank each of you for following and for all of your support in eating around town and spreading the word about Spokane Eats. Here are some of our best posts from 2017!

12 Instagram-Worthy Spots Around Spokane

In a world full of selfies, foodies, and hashtags, we are always looking for great photo opportunities around town. Spokane is full of amazing spots for those looking for the perfect backdrop to boost their Instagram feed. We have been around the block a time or two and made a list of 12 tried and true Spokane spots for all of you “grammers” looking for the next perfect shot. But remember, it’s not just about the next Instagram post. It’s about capturing a moment in time, creating a treasured memory, immortalizing that perfect smile, laugh, or face of a loved one. So get snapping and explore Spokane. Have a beautiful meal, celebrate it’s wild and wonderful nature, and archive the moments of your life forever on your Instagram page.

Where To Eat in Spokane

This list has been a long time coming. It is nearly impossible to pick my favorite restaurant in Spokane (which I am asked daily), but I do have favorites in each category. I put together this post so y’all can easily locate my list by the type of food you desire.

When making this list, I constantly found myself thinking, “I have someone special coming into town, where am I going to take them for_______________.” The list below is what I came up with. I try to update my “favorites” list every year as more and more local spots pop up around town, menus change, ownership/chefs change etc., so here it is for 2017!

Spokane Interstate Fair

Get your kicks, it’s year 66! When the Spokane Interstate Fair comes to town, there are no rules. You show up and you indulge. It’s once a year and my motto is: Go big or go home! My favorite “indulgence” this year is the Cinnamon Roll Funnel Cake complete with cream cheese frosting and piled high with whipped cream. We also liked the ribs from Longhorn Barbecue, Philly Express, Island Noodles, and Mary Lou’s Huckleberry Ice Cream.

We come for the food, but we stay for the entertainment. The fair has exciting entertainment for all ages. They are featuring a special sea lion exhibit where trained marine biologists teach about sea life during a couple scheduled shows per day. These aren’t “circus” sea lions. These sea lions only travel three times a year for educational purposes and they are given plenty of time to rest between shows. They are brought to the fair to educate and not just for entertainment. Our favorite entertainment was the baby pig races! These races happen every couple of hours and you get to see 3-4 races with the final race crowning the winner. These pigs are three months old and they are speedy fast! They shoot right out of the gate, jump over hurdles and race to the finish line. Of course, you can also enjoy your fair favorites such as the amusement park, livestock show, petting zoo and special events happening every night.

Best Burgers In Spokane

Looking for the best burger in Spokane? From greasy old school spots to gourmet patties, we searched near and far until we narrowed it down to the list below. After sampling gloriously melted cheese, the crunch of fresh tomatoes and pickles, and satisfying mouthfuls of bacon and sautéed mushrooms, these are the best burgers in Spokane we just can’t live without.

So, what makes the best burger the best? Quality meat, ground beef patty, fresh buns, flavor and seasoning, ingredient creativity, creamy spreads, appropriate burger to bun ratio, etc. Can we all agree that there is nothing worse than a burger where the bun overpowers the meat?

8 Places to Celebrate with a Small Group Around Spokane

Going out with a sizable group shouldn’t be anything but a blast. But, during the holiday season I find myself sorting through an endless list of restaurants to find the perfect spot to gather for a group meal that has plenty of space, great service and delicious food. To relieve some of this party planning anxiety, we made a list of some great restaurants comprised of various locations, sizes and cuisines that will accommodate your party, even when you ask to split the bill fifteen ways. (Though we recommend planning ahead so you aren’t THAT group.)

Gonzaga Students: Where to Eat During Family Weekend

For college students, having their families come to visit is a gift in many ways. You finally get to spend time with the people you love, go shopping (very important for broke college kids), and most importantly, not eat cafeteria food for a couple nights. This weekend, families from all over will be flooding into Spokane for Gonzaga’s annual Fall Family Weekend and dining all over Spokane. We wanted to present GU students and families with a guide for the weekend for some of the best dining options in the Gonzaga (and surrounding) area.