“Where should I go for dinner to celebrate (insert special occasion) “.

This is by-far one of my most commonly asked questions. So, to answer, I put together this list of some great fine-dining spots in Spokane. Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, engagement, birthday, anniversary, etc., none of these places will disappoint your taste-buds or your festivities. I wrote about some of my favorite dishes and which places have the best desserts. Because, a celebration without dessert is just a meeting.

Fleur De Sel (4365 Inverness Dr, Post Falls, ID / 208.777.7600)

There is a famous French saying “Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es” which translates to, “Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what you are”. This quote could not be more appropriate after finishing a meal at Fleur De Sel. Looking out at the sun set over the city, the smell of their infamous chicken and truffles entree, dim lighting, a romantic ambiance, good conversation, and friendly service, Fleur De Sel fed all my senses well and made my heart (and stomach) happy.

Your meal at Fleur de Sel is best enjoyed if you order by course so the chef can prepare each dish with perfect timing. Don’t be afraid to eat at Fleur De Sel just because you don’t understand the menu. Our waitress did a great job of explaining the specials and answering all of our questions. The entrees go for about $15-$25 and the portions are generous. My Chicken & truffles was drowning in their Italian Black truffles cream sauce and I was practically drinking it when my chicken and mushroom ravioli were cleared. The chicken was very tender and the presentation was beautiful and elegant.

The entrees at Fleur De Sel are timeless as are their desserts. They keep it classic with French pastries and offer a perfect plate for two, complete with two macarons and two chocolate caramels. This dessert plate comes with house made 4 spices cheesecake filled macaron & Bite size chocolate-caramel topped with Fleur de sel.


Hay J’s Bistro (21706 E Mission Ave, Liberty Lake, WA // 509.926.2310)

Everything about the exterior of Hay J’s is misleading. Right off a freeway exit, it appears to be an unassuming strip mall with your typical dry cleaner, nail salon, shoe repair, conveniently linked to a gas station so you can fill-up on your way out.  But, in this case, the fill-up will be your appetite with a delectable smorgasbord of options. Hay J’s: a culinary delight of artfully crafted perfection. The moment you walk through the doors at Hay J’s you are instantly transported from a run of the mill gas-station strip mall to a cozy, warm and artfully decorated fine dining establishment.  We were warmly greeted and escorted to our table, catching a glimpse of the head chef working his magic in the kitchen.

The lighting is subdued, layout offers privacy for each table, and the walls are covered by large scale, colorful works of art by local artist Edward Gilmore.

Hay J’s goes above and beyond to create great tasting food, a romantic atmosphere, and exceptional service. Hay J’s has been impressing their diners for 10+ years and I have a feeling they will be around for a long time. If you are looking to enjoy a meal you won’t soon forget, full of fresh seafood, soft meat, and rich flavors, try Hay J’s for your next special occasion.


Inland Pacific Kitchen (310 W Pacific Ave, Spokane, WA 99201)

Chef Jeremy Hansen raised the culinary scene in Spokane when he created Inland Pacific Kitchen in the Washington Cracker Building. You might recognize his name or his meticulous craft from his restaurants Santé, Common Crumb Bakery, or his newest creation, Biscuit Wizard, located in Saranac Commons.

At Inland Pacific Kitchen, each menu is designed to tell a story. The dishes are served as “small plates” and they are meant to be shared. Each one is about 8-10 bites each. We spent about 3 hours eating our dinner and it was so pleasant and enjoyable. This is one of the lovely benefits to Inland Pacific Kitchen. They put a lot of thought when purchasing their chairs to make sure they were extra comfortable. Chef Jeremy is passionate about sharing time with loved ones over food and creating memories around the dinner table so you are invited to stay as long as you want.

An awesome feature at Inland Pacific Kitchen are the table lamps they have at the front of the bar. This allows you to be able to see your dish and appreciate the craftsmanship that went into its creation.

Each menu at Inland Pacific Kitchen lasts about 6-10 weeks. While at the Washington Cracker Building, take a peek inside their new Whiskey Den, Hogwash. It has a very cozy, warm vibe with nice couches, excellent drinks, and burgers.


Downriver Grill (3315 W Northwest Blvd // 509.323.1600)

Downriver Grill offers a new fresh sheet menu about every two weeks and their menu changes seasonally. They focus on the words “local, seasonal, and fresh.” The staff and owners are true advocates of Spokane, and it shows through the care and love they put into their food.

They are known for their gorgonzola fries appetizer and it’s pretty clear why. The shining star dish at Downriver Grill is their Bone-in Pork Chop Entrée. The chef gets his pork shanks from a local farm and he preps all the meat himself. It takes him a long time because he takes extra care to ensure that they get the most meat on the bone as possible. Well Chef, all of your extra work and time spent with these pork shanks is much appreciated. They were the best we’ve ever had. Their Grilled Pork Chop came with apple chutney, brown butter spaetzle, and bacon vinaigrette.

If you’re looking for dessert, order their tiramisu and seasonal cheesecake. The cheesecake had fresh lemon shavings on top. The Tiramisu was strong, but I like it that way. It made an even better breakfast the next morning.

The staff at Downriver Grill focus on finding the freshest food from as close to Spokane as possible. Ninety percent of their wine comes from Washington Wineries. They host wine dinners where they feature a local winery and the chef creates a dish to pair with the featured wine. Downriver Grill has been making Spokane a better place for 14 years.


Wild Sage (916 W. 2nd Ave. Spokane, WA //  509.456.7575)

Wild Sage Bistro knows that a first impression is a lasting impression. That is why they start by serving each table their signature fresh popovers. They have excellent flavor pairings and dish presentation. You know you are eating quality here and the ambiance is so warm and inviting.

They have an entire menu dedicated to gluten free foods. They care about customers and have researched and developed a variety of gluten free foods to fit people’s needs. They work with the seasons when creating their menu to provide fresh, local and seasonal items at their peak freshness. We loved their Breast of Duckling and the Wild Sage Burger with shoe string fries.

I go to Wild Sage for the popovers, but I stay for everything else. If you let them know you are celebrating a special occasion, they’ll send you home with fresh chocolate truffles.

Luna Spokane  (5620 S Perry St, Spokane, WA // 509.448.2383)

This venue is absolutely STUNNING. From their front entrance covered in greenery, the light blue accent colors, their Wisteria tree in perfect bloom, the open terrace for patio dining, garden room perfect for your next event, you get the picture… Luna is charming.

They are very popular during their weekend brunch hours, as well as during dinner hours. I prefer Luna for lunch date with the girls. You can host parties and events in their private rooms.

At Luna, they know how to ramp up a typical vegetable dish and make it exciting and their own. I would highly recommend their pan seared salmon. It was the best salmon I have had in a LONG time. Luna offers some splendid light dishes and appetizers perfect for summer time and they leave you room for dessert. Speaking of dessert, they have their own pastry chef.




Milfords Fish House (719 N Monroe St Spokane, WA // 509.326.7251)

We go to Milford’s to celebrate Valentine’s Day every year. It has such a romantic vibe with the dim lighting, quiet ambiance and divine foods. The owner comes around and greets each table and he genuinely seems happy to be there, doing what he loves. They get their seafood fresh and their menu is always changing to reflect what is most fresh, delicious, and in season.

“We’re old fashioned….you buy an entree here and you get soup or salad” included. Our favorite entree is the “‘seafood sauté’ Lisa– with the works”. This is on and off the menu throughout the year, but if you make a special request, they can usually make it happen.

If you love great seafood, you want to eat at Milford’s. They offer impeccable service and they serve their fish as fresh as you can get it in Spokane. If you want to know what is really good on a particular day, make sure you ask the owner, he always makes great recommendations.

Clinkerdagger (621 W Mallon Ave Spokane, WA // 509.328.5965)

Clinkerdagger is one of the nicest places you can eat in Spokane. It is romantic, fine-dining, with a view. The ultimate trio. Clinkerdagger is dark and intimate on the inside, making it perfect for your special occasion, romantic dinner, or you can have a more casual lunch dining outside on the river’s edge.  I would argue that they have the best view of any restaurant in Spokane.

The Prime Rib is gigantic and fit for a king served with buttery mashed potatoes, atomic horseradish and veggies. The halibut was fresh and flaky served atop fresh risotto. The sauce was light and flavorful with lemon and pea sauce on the side.

Let’s talk dessert. The dessert was the MVP of this meal. They served us Burnt cream and they brag that this is the best crème brulee in Spokane, I agree.  However, my favorite dessert is their warm pear bread pudding. They soak the bread in the same sauce they use for their burnt cream. It comes out so moist with a side of sauce so you can drench your bread to your heart’s desire.




The Wandering Table (1242 W. Summit Pkwy. Kendall Yards. Spokane // 509.443.4410)

Bacon-Cheddar Biscuits, Popcorn Cauliflower, Fired Brussel Sprouts, Albacore Tuna Ceviche, Barbacoa Jackfruit Empanadas, Duck Mole Taco and the famous Wandering Table Deviled Eggs are just a few of the unique creations served at The Wandering Table in the Kendall Yards Business District. A first impression is a lasting impression and I would recommend you start with the Deviled Eggs.

My all-time favorite at The Wandering Table is the smoked braised wing and this was my favorite part of the entire meal. It was loaded with meat and served in a smoky jalapeno sauce with a buttermilk dipping sauce. I was licking my fingers (and the plate clean).

Expect a unique dining experience that you won’t soon forget. Make sure you splurge for some dessert like their Doughnut Gelato Cup or Preserved Raspberry-Champagne Sorbetto. The Raspberry Sorbetto was just the right combination of fruit, champagne, and sugar.

This is more than just a meal. At the Wandering Table, they make your meal and experience by bringing out dish by dish so you can fully enjoy and savor each, one at a time.

Clover (913 E Sharp Ave, Spokane, WA // 509.487.2937)

My first impression upon arriving at Clover, was that it is very clean, quaint, and cozy. Everything is made fresh, with appropriate seasonings and efficient service. Clover is located inside a renovated home and you can eat upstairs, downstairs, at the bar, or on the patio.

I would recommend the Dungeness Crab Spinach & Artichoke Dip and Reuben Sandwich. All of their bread comes from a local baker “Bellacrosta” who bake their breads and pastries fresh daily. We tried their garlic parmesan bread complete with garlic chunks baked in the bread and served with onion butter. This was so much better than the typical side chunk of plain bread that comes as a filler with soup and salad. You can buy your own “Bellacrosta” loaf to take home with you.

Clover is located near the Gonzaga campus. They have some great salads and soups if you are wanting a lighter meal. The main dinner entrees include seared scallops, grilled rib eye, chili-ribbed tri-tip, spring pea and ricotta ravioli and more.  You can tell that the staff at Clover cares about their food and their service. The environment is laid back and low key, but the food will make any special occasion extra memorable.

So, happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy graduation, happy “you survived another day at the office”! Whatever it is that you are celebrating, I hope you find the time to enjoy your celebrations with good company and great food. Don’t forget your dessert, you deserve it.

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So, happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy graduation, happy “you survived another day at the office”! Whatever it is that you are celebrating, I hope you find the time to enjoy your celebrations with good company and great food. Don’t forget your dessert, you deserve it.

Where is your favorite place to celebrate your special occasions?
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