What I learned while searching for the best ice cream in Spokane:

1. Salted Caramel is the most popular flavor EVERYWHERE.

2. There are lots of vegan/gluten free options.

3. The Spokane food-scene is highly underrated. Ok… I already knew that. #blessed

Pete & Belle’s – Best in the Valley

(1330 N Argonne Rd, Spokane Valley, WA // 509.924.4718)


We will start with their “Nutritional Information”: Don’t even ask. This is the best ice cream made in Wisconsin, and it tastes so good because it has “Gobs of Wisconsin cream, tons of real ingredients for Boat-loads of lucious flavors. That means it’s not low-fat, low-calorie or low-anything, and that why everyone loves it. You want nutrition, eat carrots.

I was very pleasantly surprised by Pete & Belle’s. They offer 48 rotating flavors! 48! Sorry Baskin Robins… but Pete & Belle’s beats you, hands down. Their ice cream is made with thick Wisconsin Cream. They have been open for 2 years and share their space with a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Pete & Belle’s is the closest place on this side of the Mississippi that you can get ice cream made with real Wisconsin cream. 

Their most popular flavor.. of course.. salted caramel, but they call it “this shit just got serious”. It is made with sea salt fudge and cashews. Another favorite is their Zanzibar Chocolate- made with three types of cocoa, it tastes like brownie batter. They even have some caffeinated flavors. I tried the “iced latte da” and it was very similar to their other coffee flavor but stronger. A flavor that really WOWed me was their “Blue Moon” it is made with fruit loops and tasted just like the tasty cereal. I love cereal, so making it into ice cream just increases that love, if possible. For all of you black licorice lovers, they have a flavor for you. I’ll pass, thanks. This summer, they will introduce flavors like root beer float, lemon meringue pie and peach. They can make any of their flavors into a shake, malt, sundae, or banana split. They also do custom-made ice cream cakes.

The Scoop- Best on the South Hill

(1001 W 25th Ave Spokane, WA// 509.535.7171)

The Scoop is the smallest shop we visited, which adds to its character. The owner creates all the flavors and works hard to make The Scoop a success. They make new flavors almost hourly in their store. It a pretty cool sight if you catch them at a time they are mixing the liquid nitrogen. After serving ice cream in Spokane for 10 years, they have become a one-stop-shop for their South Hill neighborhood.

Their ice cream is really good but their belgium waffles are what really set them apart. They can do sweet or savory and you can choose from a variety of toppings or fillings. See more on that HERE. They work hard to create new, unique flavors. I got to see them in the process of creating a bubble gum flavor. They were literally steeping big-league-chew in milk. They try to keep their flavors natural, simple, and fresh. Their basil flavor was pretty much just pureed basil mixed with heavy cream. Sounds nasty, tastes amazing… and I convinced myself it was healthy. Another unique flavor they had was their black currant sour cream. It was creamy and sour. Again, sounds iffy but it worked. They offer about 16 flavors at all times and it only takes them about 15 min to whip up a new batch (assuming the ingredients are prepped). 

Brain Freeze- Best Near Downtown

(1238 W Summit Pkwy Spokane, WA// 509.321.7569)

Brain Freeze Creamery pride themselves on the quality of their product. They use all natural flavors and colors (with their Seahawks blue flavor- which I don’t think anyone would complain about). I loled when I saw their “Name Brand Cookie (without all the trademark infringement)” flavor. Aka Cookies and creme. Again, their ice cream is great but their “scrambled eggs in a cone” blew my mind. How is this not an option at every breakfast/ice cream establishment. It’s a waffle cone full of cheese, peppers, bacon, more cheese, yeah… SO GOOD. It was sweet and savory at its finest. See more HERE. The shake combo we ordered was the best. Banana pudding + chocolate fudge. It came complete with thick real banana and homemade brownie chunks from the ice cream flavors. The chunks were perfectly ground so they were still chunky but didn’t get caught in the straw. I don’t know how they do it. They make all their cookies and brownies used in their ice cream flavors at their creamery in the Valley.

My favorite flavors here were the Palouse Crunch with red lentils, cinnamon almonds and honey and their vegan coconut lime. Their affogato flavor is also very popular. Brain Freeze tries to always offer around 4 vegan options: 2 made with coconut milk and 2 sorbets. If you have been dreaming of a specific ice cream flavor, you can request it at the creamery and they will create it just for you!

Sweet Peaks- Best in CDA

(108 N 4th Coeur D’Alene, ID)

CDA Ice cream scoop

Ok, I am aware that Sweet Peaks isn’t technically in Spokane, but it’s close enough and it gives me the perfect excuse to make the drive to CDA. They create and make all their flavors in Whitefish, MT and they truck them over to their other stores. They have done such a great job with their brand, decor and swag. Everything is so simplistic and pretty. They sell mugs, t-shirts, etc., and this is a brand I would be proud to rock.

After trying way too many samples, I still couldn’t have enough! Their ice cream is just different. (In a good way) The flavors are unique and the ingredients don’t get lost in the cream. The waffle cones are flakey and fresh, they melt in your mouth instead of breaking off in chunks like usual. They are located on 4th, right off CDA’s Main Street. They had a beer and peanut flavor from a local brewery and they used Doma Coffee to create another rich flavor. They always offer their signature flavors and they have a list of flavors they switch around as the seasons change and they experiment. There’s a lot of ice cream competition on CDA’s main street, but let me tell you…this is the place to go. Like I said, it’s just different! See more HERE.

Froyo Earth- Best Frozen Yogurt

(829 E Boone Ave #5 Spokane, WA// 509.315.5034)


I’m all about create-your-own foods. A lot of times, customization is key to the perfect meal. This is why I frequent salad bars, pita pit, chipotle, and Froyo Earth. Choose your vessel, choose your flavors, choose your toppings (and always add sprinkles). You can stay fruity and fresh, or indulge in chocolate with brownies and cheesecake. I won’t even judge if you shamefully mix your chocolate and tart flavors.

All of their yogurt is made with live and active yogurt cultures that are beneficial for the digestive tract. Froyo Earth is 100% Eco-friendly, and Eco-trendy with locally created and global artwork. Their flavors are fresh and the yogurt consistency is always creamy. So as our “healthy ice cream” choice in Spokane, we choose Froyo Earth.
I have been to their location by Gonzaga (on Boone) and their location on the north side of Division (by Wandermere)
and both are reliable.

Mary Lou’s Milk BottleBest Milk Shakes

(802 W Garland Ave Spokane, WA // 509.325.1772)


Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle is a true Spokane staple. When the restaurant has a literal milk bottle constructed into the exterior, you can’t resist stopping in to have a milkshake. Oreo is my preference. We like to order one milkshake and ask them to split it. It fits perfectly in two glasses and it’s just the right size to leave you room for a burger and fries. They have a great lunch special where you can get a burger, side, and shake for $8.50, any day of the week. See more HERE. They only take cash or check so come prepared or use their ATM on site. The “River City Sludge” shake has chocolate, hot fudge and huge brownie chunks. You’ll need a spoon to make it through this shake.

What do y’all think?