Once upon a time in Spokane, Washington, there lived a sweet (& spicy) little girl named Bayler. Bayler is imaginative, silly, and princess-obsessed. In her mind, she lives in rapunzel’s castle and spends her days painting, twirling, and Eugene (aka Flynn Rider) is most definitely her boyfriend. She is full of energy, loves her friends, and anything sprinkled in sugar so we knew her third birthday party needed to be fit for the princess she is! (Truth is, I was a big slacker with her first two years of life and didn’t throw her any parties so we were making up for lost time.)

Venue: Spokane Club– in the Library

Let’s start with the venue, The Spokane Club. The Spokane Club is a well-known venue for elegant events, from weddings to corporate parties and now tea parties :)! The Spokane Club recently added a new feature to their memberships where guests can rent some of the party spaces, complimentary, so we knew this would be the perfect spot! We worked with their event coordinator to find the best room for our guests and ended up in the Library. The space was full of history, with a fireplace built around 1890. The room is large, open, with ample space for all the activities we had planned but like I mentioned, there are a variety of rooms available to rent for members of The Spokane Club.

We planned the perfect menu for kids and adults including a variety of custom tea sandwiches, pastries, and of course the birthday girls favorite… orange rolls! The spokane club was very helpful with planning the party, but they were even better about executing the day! They had a few staff members who were helping with set up, serving our guests drinks and food, and they made clean-up a breeze.

Posh Bounce Co – the modern way to party

Balloon Arch from Made to Sparkle

It’s safe to say the first thing the children noticed at the party was the giant bounce house. They ran towards it with joy and spent hours bouncing, laughing, and playing together.

Posh Bounce House took this birthday from being just a birthday to being a birthday PARTY! The party lasted 2 hours with at least a couple kids bouncing their hearts out at all times on this simple, sophisticated bounce house, perfectly decorated to theme with stenciled letters and the most incredible Balloon garland from Made to Sparkle. I told Svetlana I wanted something white and simple with a little flair and boy did she deliver! This was my first time not DIYing a balloon arch and it’s worth every penny! Plus, I took home the balloons and now my kids get to enjoy them as décor in their playroom for the next few months as I’m told they last forever – just an added perk.

A bounce house is now a kids party MUST for us! It kept them all thoroughly entertained so the parents could snack and mingle without wrangling their kids for two hours. Plus, it burned off a lot of energy AKA great naps after the party! Win, win!

Electric Photoland not your average photo booth

Memories to last a lifetime, thanks to Electric Photoland. Not only did our guests get a fun photo strip souvenir, but we also got a copy of each strip to keep in a book for Bayler to have forever more! Electric Photoland created a beautiful design for each photo strip to match the birthday colors and themes, then they brought their setup, staff, and even props to make each photo unique and memorable!

Wish Upon a Star – Anna & Elsa princesses

And then came the moment that the little girl had been waiting for – the arrival of Princesses Elsa and Anna, from Wish Upon a Star Events. They were both dressed in their stunning outfits from the movie, and the little girls faces lit up with joy when they saw them. The princesses immediately engaged the children in games, hair styling, story time, and even a sing-along to the movie’s iconic song, “Let It Go.”

Being able to see all the girls faces when Anna and Elsa arrived almost brought me to tears! There was magic in the air from the second they arrived until the second they left. The little girls couldn’t believe their eyes and watched in awe as their favorite characters came to life in front of them.

Let’s just say none of these little girls will be able to stop talking about how they got to meet the REAL Anna & Elsa for many years to come!

Photographer – Mari Gutierrez Photography

Hiring a photographer for the party was one of the best decisions ever! I’d never done this but it really allowed me to be present and enjoy the day and all the festivities instead of reaching for my camera every 5 seconds to capture the moments. Since Mari was there, I now have hundreds of professional photos to remember the moments big and small! Plus, I need proof that this party existed in case Bayler doesn’t remember when she’s a teenager. DM her on instagram to book :

Cakes by – The Frosty Blonde

It’s not a party without a cake from The Frosty Blonde! And for Bayler’s birthday party, she showed up with THREE! I mean, are we the luckiest or what?! We went simple with the décor since we knew there would be so many fabulous activities for the kids. The table had some vintage tea cups, gold candelabras, plastic jewels, and the three stunning cakes! I asked for simple icing because there’s no reason to spruce up a cake when they taste THAT GOOD! DM her to book:

Christina also just so happens to be the epic party planner behind @sugarbeanspokane.

Karolina’s Macarons – Strawberry Oreo + Cheesecake + Salted Caramel

Speaking of dessert, we prefer to start and end our parties with dessert so we had a custom Karolina’s Macaron at each place setting to start the kids off with a sugar high . 🙂 Karolina’s macarons are perfection! Absolutely beautiful, the perfect size, with endless flavor and color choice. My favorites were strawberry oreo, cheesecake and salted caramel so we ordered a variety of these in blue, white, and pink to match the décor. DM her to order:

Favors – Bedazzled mirrors : linked here

Alright, and last but not least… I found these adorable plastic mirrors that I bedazzled and had at the table for each of the kids! These were much more of a hit than I imagined and for a dollar each, that can’t be beat!

Alright, so was this all excessive for a three year old? Yes, probably. But, we were making up for a couple years of no parties and it was the perfect excuse to get our friends and family together and show our girl how much we love her while supporting some incredible local businesses!

It was a royal celebration that was fit for a princess. The venue provided the perfect backdrop for a memorable event. It was a joy to see the children’s faces light up with delight as they played in the bounce house, took photos in the photo booth, and interacted with Princess Elsa and Anna. The party was a reminder that sometimes it’s the little things that create the biggest memories. Happy birthday, Bayler!