When you walk into Paradise Fibers, you are quite literally walking into a fiber paradise. I can’t believe this place exists in Spokane! Right off the bat when I heard ‘fibers’ I didn’t immediately think ‘yarn’.

Before visiting this hidden gem, (that definitely deserves some well-earned attention) if someone asked me what yarn was made out of, I probably would have confidently answered; “yarn’s made out of yarn.” I mean it makes sense, right? I had no idea there was so much history, craftsmanship, passion, and talent that goes into making your own yarn. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to turning fibers into your own custom yarn. 

Spokane Yarn Shop

After spending an afternoon with fiber experts, whom I’ve given the incredibly official title of Fiberers, I was able to dip my toes in everything Paradise Fibers has to offer. Fiberers truly love what they do, and it shows with every interaction. They are so excited to talk about fibers, teach, share, and help! I was blown away by how knowledgeable they are and by their HUGE (I feel like huge doesn’t even give justice to this) selection of fibers.

The most commonly spun fiber is wool from sheep. They spin their yarn using a variety of animal and even plant fibers from sheep, flax, tussah silk, rabbit, alpaca, cashmere, and more! Their fibers come in natural colors and just about every color on the color wheel. All of their animal fibers are sustainably sourced and cruelty free, whether they are shaved off the animal, or collected from the ground, no animals are ever harmed.

At Paradise Fibers, they do it all: Knitting & crochet, weaving & looms, felting, fiber & spinning, dyeing and more!

There’s nothing better than learning a new skill! The fiberers were so gracious and patient as they taught me how to knit my own blanket using the softest jumbo yarn: Solid Colored Merino Wool Top. I chose the most perfect grey/blue color called Seal. I mean, how cute is that? You can find more wool like the one I used at https://www.paradisefibers.com/collections/paradise-fibers-solid-color-merino-wool-top .

Spokane Yarn Shop

And obviously now you want to make your own! Lucky for you Paradise Fibers offers a variety of blanket kits for you to make at home. Trust me, it’s easier than it looks! (Unless it looks easy, in which case it was super detailed and takes lots of skills).


If you’re not following Paradise Fibers on instagram then you’re missing out! They post the coolest time-lapse videos showing you how to make various crafts using their products. You can also join their “Fiber of the Month Club” for a special themed package with new fibers and patterns to play around with each month!