If you’re anything like me, dining on a budget is a necessity. But, the “affordable” food options are far too commonly foil-wrapped meals that leave a bad taste in your mouth, literally and figuratively. I have scoured Spokane and put together a list of 5 eateries that serve up delicious, fresh eats that won’t break the bank.

Aloha Island Grill

(1724 N Monroe Street and 1220 Francis Ave)

Finding authentic Hawaiian food in Eastern Washington can be tricky, but Aloha’s menu boasts delicious cuisine straight from the islands that also won’t break the bank! Try one of the famous plate lunches (they also make a great dinner!) Pick from variety of mouthwatering entrees like teriyaki chicken, kalua pork and stir fry veggies, and top if off with a mound of white rice and creamy macaroni salad. Both locations offer breakfast, lunch AND dinner, so getting your island fix is never a problem.

Ephata Café

(1908 W Northwest Blvd)

Ephata has a passion for quality: quality ingredients, quality environment and quality experience. Their menu is an eclectic mix of fresh pressed juices and smoothies, breakfast items and authentic Korean dishes. The PB&J smoothie is just as yummy as it sounds, and the 16 oz is only $4! Another one of my favorites is their classic rice bowl, which is served with brown rice, your choice of chicken/beef and topped with a heap of veggies.

Soulful Soups and Spirits

(117 N. Howard)

Soulful Soups & Spirits is a cozy lunch destination located in the heart of downtown Spokane. Each day, they freshly prepare several different, delicious varieties of soups. The tomato basil soup is hands-down the best I’ve ever had, and the savory beer bread serves as a perfect companion. Along with rotating menu of soups, SS&S also offers croissant sandwiches and made-to-order salads, so every visit is a chance to try something new (or have the tomato basil for the millionth time).

The Satellite Diner & Lounge

(425 W Sprague Ave)

Image Credit: spokane.cityvoter.com

If you are looking for fine dining and expensive food, look elsewhere. Satellite serves up classic diner favs and delicious breakfasts in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. Bonus: they are open until 4 a.m. EVERY day, so it is the perfect place to grab a bite after a night out. The Satellite Scramble is a must-have; three eggs, diced ham, and German sausage all scrambled together with hash browns. Elevate this masterpiece even further by smothering it with gravy and cheese.

Nudo Ramen House

(818 West Sprague and 602 N. Newport Highway)

Nudo’s piping hot, supersized bowls of ramen are simplistic yet jam-packed with rich flavor. My go-to is the Tonkotsu, which includes BBQ pork that falls apart in your mouth, hardboiled egg, corn, braised bamboo, carrots and several other delicious ingredients all broiled for 15 hours in a pork-bone broth. Better yet, I always have lunch for the next day because the bowls of ramen are larger than life. They also offer a variety of rice and noodle dishes.