We spend a lot of time talking about the food we eat, and now we are talking a little about ourselves. Get to know the people behind the food photos!

10 Things You May Not Know About Chandler

  1. She was born with black straight hair (brother called her ursula) which turned curly and blonde after a couple of year
  2. She hates mayonnaise and being alone
  3. If she could go anywhere in the world she would choose Switzerland or Greece
  4. She always thought she wanted to become a firefighter
  5. She loves to travel and has been to Russia, Thailand, all around Europe, and lived in China
  6. She once sliced her finger open with a butter knife while on vacation while scraping the sticker off of a picture frame and had to get eight stitches. Yes, a butter knife. And she still has no feeling in that finger. (Lesson learned: call your mom before the ER does or she will never forgive you)
  7. She’s happiest at the beach and most unhappy when she sees a spider
  8. She’s almost 6 feet tall
  9. She literally knows the words to every country song on the radio but she can’t remember what she wore yesterday
  10. Her obsession with musical movies is out of control: Dreamgirls, Mamma Mia, Hairspray, The Greatest Showman, Grease, etc.

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10 Things You May Not Know About Dan

  1. He won the most beautiful baby contest when he was 1
  2. He is the most competitive person you’ll meet (Chandler is a close second)
  3. If he could pick one thing to eat or drink for the rest of his life it would be whole milk
  4. He will officially be Dr. Baird in May and couldn’t be more excited for the future!
  5. He is the oldest of 7 kids, all boys until #7
  6. In high school he “accidentally” broke his mom’s Cuisinart and subsequently used it as an electric starter for a minibike he built
  7. He is fluent in Chinese (Speaking, reading, and writing)
  8. He pretends not to like sweets but he’s only kidding himself
  9. Mention the Green bay Packers and he won’t shut up about them or Aaron Rodgers for at least an hour
  10. He is obsessed with tigers and steak

spokane lifestyle blogger

Planner and Stylist: Ashley Graham Events

Photography: Park Road Photography

Makeup: Maud Artistry

Hair: Heather Schmick Hair & Bridal Stylist

Dresses: BHLDN
Blue Chair and Blue Glasses: Artifact Rentals
spokane lifestyle blogger